Forex Trading

Forex trading

If you believe in science, technology, research and are looking for an option to diversify your investments, this service is the right choice for you.

There are plenty of opportunities in forex markets that we can take advantage, we need the right tool and act fast. We keep searching for new methodologies and technologies to improve our ability to spot and profit from markets.

We keep searching for new methodologies and technologies to improve our ability to spot and profit from markets.

We use a MAM account to trade. It’s like a hedge-fund. After opening your trading account you join the MAM service. Your money will be part of the mam accounts funds and all the results are instantly reflected on your equity.

You have all control over your money and account.

We use the high-water mark method to charge for fees:

  • 20% on top of the profits

My choice of broker is for City Credit Capital a very well know institution among money managers for its robustness, tight spreads, and great liquidity.

City Credit Capital headquarters are located in London, and they also have a second office in Chile. We choose Chile one reason:

  • Foreigns cannot introduce European clients in Europe

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Things that we are NOT

Black Box. Our strategies rely on a clear and rational set of pre-defined rules. 
Riskier. On the contrary, we use the triple barrier method. TakeProfit, Stoploss and LifeTime(Max holding period of a position)

Frequently Asked Questions

I use the 3-barrier method to trade, this means that we exit the market in one of the 3 events:

  1. TakeProfit
  2. StopLoss
  3. LifeTime(max period to hold a position)

All the trades are closed on Friday. With exceptions when trades have a positive carry(positive swaps, getting paid to hold the position)

Max risk for each trade is 1% of capital, max does not mean every position will take 1% of the risk. Most of them use 0.4%-0.6%. With this in mind and the fact that the broker allows 1:100 leverage, most of the part of the capital will be available to withdraw most of the time. So yes you can withdraw anytime you want.

You will see all the trades in realtime. You have access to the mam account with “view-only credentials” this means that you can see everything, but you can’t interact.

I am using City Credit Capital (CCC). They are a well-know broker among money managers. The focus is not on retail traders. This means a highly regulated environment, with no concerns about stop-hunting and other unfair well-know practices in FX Markets.

Headquartered in London, with international offices in Hong Kong and Chile, CCC is authorized and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

I am trading via Chile, as regulations do not permit non-European citizens trades for European citizens inside EuroZone.

This is the same case as the first topic. You can also deposit anytime you want.

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