CFTC COT: Forex Weekly Report 02-11-2020

Hello Big Boyz! It’s tomorrow, US Election. Take care with position size, analysis will make no difference when things pop up. You know how spot forex brokers behavior trading against their clients, opening spreads and stop hunting.

With the above in mind, let’s see what we have this week, but you know before you jump to the next line follow don’t forget to follow me @leohermoso


This is the recurrent theme of our reports. Let’s check some stats

  1. Non-commercial % shorts increasing.
  2. Long Net Position decreasing
  3. Open Interest decreasing
  4. COT Index Increasing

There’s no reason to change bias on EURUSD and consequently USD. I said it once and I will say it again

Sell the fucking rallies. Sell the fucking breakouts. Sell the fuck everything you see


All commodities are quoted in USD, with this in mind we can think that non-commercials net positions on commodities can dictate USD prices. This week a possible top for Corn triggered(very reliable), and I decided to plot DXY charts against CORN Net Positions. The conclusions I will leave it to you.

Friends, hold tight for tomorrow! My advice on this is to stay out of markets. The goal of our report is to be “right on target”,  “just in time” and all other nice combinations of words you can find efficient.


I hope  you can make some money out of it.


Best regards.


Leo Hermoso


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