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But if you bet against the market and the dollar and bet on gold then, you’ve taken L’s on all three since. Oh, and season gold factors are lined up right now, and gold tends to trade opposite to the dollar. The Norwegian krone’s 0.6% gain leads the majors, followed by the New Zealand dollar’s 0.4% gain and sterling’s 0.35% rise. If the reading surpasses 750,000, the dollar is likely to move higher amid a thin market. Ahead of today’s payrolls report, the uptick in claims is a negative factor for the dollar.
The US dollar continues its slightly weaker bias that has emerged over the past few days. While the NFP may boost the dollar, to weather the storm. At the time of writing, the euro was trading at 1.1779. We note that key levels in the euro ($1.17) and against the yen (JPY111.00) were held. The EURUSD pair gyrated up and down after the release of US macro data.


There are four major gold ETPs: – SPDR Gold Trusts, – iShares Gold Trust, – Granite Shares Gold Trust, and – SPDR Mini Gold Trust. For example, gold is fungible, meaning any two pieces of gold that are of the same grade and weight hold the same value. Gold Futures DailyMeanwhile, 5-year breakeven inflation expectations are now around 2.55%, which is at its highest level since 2008. Suppose it does prove to be the case that gold and breakeven inflation expectations are correct.
As gold fell to form a double bottom this week, this ratio simply went sideways to create a positive technical divergence. Gold and hence shares of each of these funds is considered a collectible with a distinct and usually is taxed at a higher rate. These moves back and forth in safe havens to risk assets could have an effect on both gold and oil, but in opposite directions. We saw gold fade in the first quarter and make a double bottom off of long-term support levels in the past six weeks.
It may even be suggesting that inflation fails to materialize, should gold continue to fall. In each case, underlying gold bars are held in vaults around the world.


DoublePoint was running seven drilling rigs and was on course to produce 80,000 barrels of oil a day as of the first quarter this year. Its state-owned company, Aramco, has visibility of oil demand two months in advance — the time period in which it informally receives orders from global refiners. less Crude oil is coming into a period of seasonal strength right now – just like most of the stock market. Oil climbed after the OPEC+ alliance agreed to increase production gradually over the next three months.
If March condensate output was in line with February’s, then daily crude-only output would be around 9.41 million barrels a day, some 165,000 barrels above than its OPEC+ quota. Biden s plan includes $16 billion to help retrain and employ fossil fuel workers to plug orphan oil and gas wells and clean up abandoned coal mines. As countries like the U.S. rapidly expand their vaccination programs, there are growing signals that the oil market is healing.
They won t, and they shouldn t. Biden s infrastructure plan, for example, is projected to cost around 130,000 jobs in the oil, coal, and gas industry. That means a lot of the pent-up demand we’ve seen for travel and oil products is going to go through the roof. Although European oil consumption is weak as France, Germany and Italy extend or impose new lockdowns, demand indicators from China remain strong.

United States

US equity futures are also higher after the S&P 500 reached a new record, and the NASDAQ gapped higher. The US is on an amid a solid vaccination campaign, state reopenings, two rounds of stimulus checks – and optimism about a new infrastructure package. Today, after Trump’s tax cut, the richest Americans pay less than 26 percent, including deductions and credits. Today, Wall Street continues to use Zacks research including the Zacks Rank and Zacks Equity Research, which combines the best of quantitative and qualitative analysis.
The US stock market is closed today, and the bond market has an abbreviated session.
Repealing the Trump tax cut’s benefits to the wealthy and big corporations, as Joe Biden has proposed, will raise an estimated $500 billion over a decade. On the week, the 10-year benchmark yields in the US and Europe are a little softer but jumped 15 bp and 13 bp in Australia and New Zealand, respectively. In line with the median forecast, the US economy is expected to create 550,000-650,000 new jobs in March. It’s no secret Trump’s giant tax cut was a giant giveaway to the rich.
That was the largest gain since August and above the forecast of economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal, who had anticipated an increase of 675,000 jobs.


In addition, Italy’s government imposed a five-day quarantine on people entering from other EU countries in a bid to deter Easter getaways. Friday’s video-conference was chaired by the EU’s top foreign envoy Josep Borrell and involved officials from Iran, Russia, China, Germany, France and the U.K. The minister made similar requests to the European Union.