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That strategy makes sense if you think the economy is only experiencing a temporary stimulus-fueled sugar high that will revert to slow growth.


less Technical indicators of the currency pair: The euro continued to rise against the US dollar on the back of strong ZEW performance and higher yields on German Bonds. Topping today’s leader board is the New Zealand dollar (+0.75%), followed by the Australian dollar (+0.56%). Technical indicators of the currency pair: The sterling rose on Tuesday amid continuing correction in the US dollar and strong manufacturing output. The dollar index plunged to a three-week low and made the yellow metal less expensive for investors using rival currencies.
The dollar index was down after strong demand at a U.S. bond auction fueled a widespread drop in Treasury yields. Major currencies have been trading in positive territory against the US dollar in Asian trading. Change in fatalities per 100.000 people over the past 2 weeks as % of peak of the pandemic Could Bitcoin undermine the dollar and the United States? Dollar bonds maturing in June yielded less than 2% on April 1, rising to over 40% now.
Then funds reverse back out of commodities and corporate assets and into perceived safe havens like government bonds and the U.S. dollar once more. Import price deflation is normally associated with the strengthening of the dollar relative to other currencies.


Talking gold prospects early yesterday: (…) And that‘s probably what gold is sensing as it grew weak yesterday. Gold moved higher only somewhat yesterday – not to new monthly highs – and in today’s pre-market trading it’s actually slightly lower. Radomski is the author of Sunshine Profits’ Gold & Silver Trading Alerts and many of company’s investment tools. They say gold prices could be setting up to make a move to the upside, and that the downside risk may be very little.
Gold prices continue to make consecutive higher highs and higher lows. Yes, gold misses inflation uptick that would bring real rates down a little again – and is getting one in today‘s CPI as we speak. The company offers broking, mutual funds, insurance, peer-to-peer lending, international stocks, gold investing and margin funding as part of its product bouquet. He is an analyst at which is a website aimed at offering quality analysis of gold prices.
Avtar Sandu of Phillip Futures said gold needs to test the $1,760/oz price level to regain upward momentum. If the USD Index is not rising, then gold should really be shooting up and breaking new monthly highs, but it isn’t.


Coming up… U.S. March import and export prices are at 8:30 a.m. Crude oil inventories are at 10:30 a.m. Oil prices rose on revised crude demand forecasts. Not only are they raising their demand forecast, but they are also calling on OPEC to increase output by almost 5 million barrels of oil per day! BEFORE THE BELL Futures for Canada’s main stock index were up as oil prices rose on revised crude demand forecasts. The fossil-fuel industry often brings up green energy’s explicit tax incentives, while the latter will point to the longevity of special tax preferences for oil and gas.
The oil cartel’s recent decision to gradually unwind production cuts to meet rising energy needs, alongside a brighter demand outlook, boosted investor confidence. Yet there are undoubtedly tax breaks oil and gas gets that renewables don’t: Master limited partnerships, which are tax-advantaged vehicles, are available to hydrocarbon production but not renewable energy.
The American Petroleum Institute (API) reported a larger-than-expected draw in crude oil inventories, sending prices higher. With more than 25 years of experience, Stephen has a deep-seated knowledge of G10 and Asian currency markets as well as precious metal and oil markets.
less Crude oil prices advanced modestly during the APAC morning session after gaining 1.36% overnight. At end-February, total oil stocks stood at 2 977 mb, reducing the overhang versus the 2016-2020 average to 28.3 mb.

United States

“I’ve been managing bond portfolios for 25 years, through very large monetary programs, big deficits, and the Fed trying to raise inflation expectations,” says Janus Henderson’s Greg Wilensky. This led many analysts to suspect they were less likely to have higher inflation than their major trading partners such as the US, the UK, and Japan. However, the Fed’s inflation gauge – riddled with questionable weightings and various adjustments – currently shows broad prices levels rising by less than 2% annually.
Singapore-based Grab Holdings said Tuesday it would go public on the Nasdaq by merging with Altimeter Growth Corp. , a special-purpose acquisition company, at a near-$40 billion valuation. Coinbase Global Inc: The biggest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange will list on the Nasdaq, marking a milestone in the journey of virtual currencies from niche technology to mainstream asset. Shares of Coinbase are set to start trading Wednesday and will be listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market via a direct listing under the ticker symbol COIN.
The new hurdle for further positive data surprise is apparently now pretty high, and investors have seemingly given up fighting the Fed – for now. Indeed, a 1.6% core CPI rise still ranks well below the pre-pandemic 2%-plus pace and is also under the Fed’s 2% inflation target. Yet the market isn‘t alarmed now as evidenced by the inflation expectations not running hot – the Fed quite successfully sold the transitory story, it seems.
The Nasdaq has set a reference price of $250 for the direct listing, and its founders are set to become multibillionaires.


Beijing shamelessly breaks international obligations whenever it suits its purposes knowing Western sanctions, such as denying CCP officials travel privileges, have a little bite. The strategic ambiguity was initially designed not to leave Beijing guessing America’s intent but to discourage Taiwan from acting unilaterally and declaring its independence. At the same time, Beijing is taking more direct steps to mend ties with U.S. investors, ramping up its communication with businesses.


The EU antitrust watchdog is now seeking feedback from rivals and customers before deciding whether to demand more concessions, clear or block the deal. Aon offered last Friday to sell assets in five European nations to resolve EU competition concerns. In the first 100 days of Brexit, the only thing many businesses burned was money. ECB Installs Insect Hotels and Bat Houses in Biodiversity Drive Lagarde is taking a literal approach to making the institution more environmentally friendly.
U.K. businesses burn cash on Brexit bureaucracy.