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The warmer spring and summer months are typically when the US and Europe rebuild their stocks of heating oil and diesel, in preparation for colder times ahead. Past & Prologue Data Watch Ghana s inflation surged in July after a slump in the value of its currency raised the cost of cooking oil and gasoline imports. Hours after Buhari s office approved the transaction, the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission contradicted the head of state, who also serves as oil minister.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is asking the US to add several Russian banks per week to its list of sanctioned financial institutions, Markarova said. After she found herself pleading with market vendors for discounts to keep her children fed, the fashion designer in Lagos, Nigeria, didn t think it could get much worse. The US CDC has loosened Covid guidelines, including a recommendation that people exposed to the virus should quarantine.
Further Reading The assassination plot against John Bolton should warn the US of Iran s depravity amid nuclear talks. On the US East Coast, inventories are at their lowest since at least 1992. Bill Faries A police car outside Trump s Florida residence on Tuesday.


But the team warns that Beijing will need to carefully manage the real-estate downturn to limit spillovers, through measures such as boosting the public housing and rental market. Rethinking ties | European Union members Latvia and Estonia abandoned the so-called 16+1 eastern European framework with China, under which Beijing provided investment for infrastructure projects. Beijing has much greater oversight of the housing market through administrative controls than Tokyo did.
But first…Today s must-reads: Apple thinks it can buck the global sma View in browser Hi this is Gao in Beijing.


Poland s ruling party is growing increasingly doubtful that the EU will release the country s share of post-pandemic funds before elections next year.