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Shares of most sugar companies were trading on a positive note even as the government raised sugarcane floor price by 3.6%. Moving on to stocks specific news, sugar stocks were in focus today. Over two decades ago Jay got his start at the Kansas City Board of Trade in the Wheat Futures pit. That’s because these are coffee can stocks. Cotton oil (Gujarat) was quoted at ₹830.


The US dollar reversed higher against the Canadian dollar after falling to seven-month lows yesterday near CAD1.3135. The Australian dollar had a key reversal yesterday, making new highs for the year before selling off and settling below the previous day’s low. For many of these companies, every dollar that gold goes up is a direct addition to their bottom line without incurring any further costs. The committee also pushed back on talk of yield curve control, allowing the US dollar room to pick-up from a 2 year+ low.
Gold increased yesterday’s descent, pressured by a stronger dollar. The small size investment tranches available in the $dollar stock make it easy to manage the size of capital tranches you may wish to speculate with. The dollar, which has been under pressure, is extending yesterday’s gains before steadying in the European morning. The dollar, which has been under pressure, is extended yesterday’s gains before steadying in the European morning.
Indeed, one of the strongest drivers of U.S. dollar strengthening since 2014 has been the country’s above-potential GDP growth amid a period of greater global uncertainty. This unleashed profit-taking on some of the large moves in equities, the dollar, and gold.


Hubert is an independent gold and silver analyst who specializes in fractal analysis and the fundamentals of gold and silver . … more Hubert is an independent gold and silver analyst who specializes in fractal analysis and the fundamentals of gold and silver . Entering the gold industry at a time when the price of gold is close to all-time highs may mean that Buffett is fearing inflation. Gold’s big sell-off again filtered to other futures markets as the spec play and volatility in gold is affecting other markets.
Gold bears, on the other hand, are enthusiastic about the fact that the Oracle is supporting gold, seeing it as a contrarian indicator, given his recent mistakes. Second, Berkshire is not buying gold, it is buying a gold producer. Image Source: JMIA’s SEC Filing 3. e-commerce marketplaces are gold mines in African entrepreneur circles, and there’s a gold rush on. We constructed 450 separate portfolios that contained equity, debt, and various combinations and weightings of the four exchange-traded precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
As an example, adding 10% of gold to a portfolio raises that portfolio’s Sharpe ratio to 0.43 from a Sharpe ratio of 0.34 for a stock-and-bond-only portfolio. Silver’s outperformance relative to gold comes with significantly higher risk.


Rise in futures, on the other hand, perked up palm oil with palm oil (Indore) today rising to ₹870, while palm oil (Bombay) was quoted at ₹835. Groundnut oil (Indore) was also quoted lower at ₹1,230-40, groundnut oil (Bombay) at ₹1,230, while groundnut oil (Gujarat) ruled at ₹1,200. The crude oil market is hanging in as China is still in the market to but a lot of U.S. oil. Liquidity will be important for National Oilwell and other oil services firms as the oil market may not recover for several more months.
In May 2020, for the first time in 36 months (since April 2017), dry natural gas production decreased year to year for the month. My focus is in the financial markets, cyber-security, hacking, agriculture, natural gas, crude oil, geopolitics and alternative investments. Total natural gas consumption fell by 2.43% despite the fact that total energy demand (measured in total degree-days or TDDs) was up 3.4% y-o-y. We also write daily and weekly reports, covering key variables in U.S. natural gas market (supply, demand, storage, prices and more).
Crude Value Insights offers you an investing service and community focused on oil and natural gas.
(WPX), just like many other oil and gas E&P (exploration and production) firms operating in the US, has had to remain diligent throughout 2020.

United States

As fruitless as it may seem to short anything in a Fed-backstopped market, I would like to pitch one to you all: Fiesta Restaurant Group (FRGI). Some officials signaled that more stimulus from the central bank could also be required, though the Fed didn’t offer clues on when additional tools would be deployed. Investors are already gearing up for one of these companies to become the second $2 trillion market cap company in the US. The Fed also believed that another round of fiscal stimulus would be coming and was clearly counting on more active support from elected officials to revive the economy.
After the Fed release, which revealed the central bank’s policymakers were opposed to yield curve control, rates, including for the 10-year benchmark Treasury, trimmed losses to end higher. Investment analyst working within one of the Big 4 Wall Street banks covering a wide range of stocks from consumer and retail to healthcare sectors. While Obama never expected Trump to share his views or preserve his policies, Obama said he had hoped Trump would find “some reverence” for the office he holds.
It has set up national funds to invest in the industry and chip companies have raised billions of dollars this year on China’s Nasdaq-like exchange, the STAR market. Trump signed an executive order last month that he said would end preferential economic treatment for the city. Increased government spending, combined with measures from the Fed to make borrowing cheap, would drive the recovery and boost inflation, according to Mr. Bell.


Beijing and the Hong Kong government have defended the law as necessary to restore order and preserve prosperity after months of at-times violent anti-government protests last year. Relations between the two countries were already strained by differences over trade, Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea and its treatment of its Muslim Uighur minority. China’s economic recovery is helping the Aussie strengthen, after Beijing countered the effect of the pandemic with stimulus measures targeted at infrastructure and construction projects.
Australia campaigned for a global investigation into any missteps early in the coronavirus crisis that contributed to the pandemic, angering Beijing. If Huawei truly goes under, however, that would further accelerate Beijing’s push to create its own semiconductor industry. Beijing and Washington are also embroiled in a row over the social media app TikTok, which is owned by Chinese technology firm ByteDance.


The intelligence committee’s call for an urgent investigation into “potential” Russian interference in the Brexit referendum has been dismissed by ministers within one hour. Voices Close Related video: Government ‘actively avoided’ evidence of Russian interference in Brexit as long-awaited report released The Russia report’s chief conclusion is a Socrates/Rumsfeld mishmash. But Mr Raab said: “We have seen no evidence of successful interference in the EU referendum.
“We have seen no evidence of successful interference in the EU referendum,” he said. A spokesperson for the prime minister would later state that they “haven’t seen any evidence of successful interference in the EU referendum”. With that said, here’s a look at GDPR’s set of regulations affecting companies that collect data on citizens of countries within the European Union. However, a “targeted re-containment” of certain areas should not be ruled out “if the situation requires it,” Macron said, insisting that he would prefer “very localized strategies.”
For as long as Britain and Russia are facing in the same direction on Brexit, no one will be inclined to look anywhere difficult.
Also boosting the European stocks is the European Union’s €750 billion ($888 billion) stimulus plan aimed at bolstering the bloc’s economy that was passed last month. Boris Johnson has rejected a second key strand of the Russia report, its call for a crackdown to stop London being a “laundromat” for illicit Russian cash.