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Bets of more easing from the U.S. Fed weighed on the dollar, pushing the euro near three-month high, while gold rebounded. Bets of more easing from the U.S. Fed weighed on the U.S. dollar, pushing the euro near three-month high, while gold rebounded. For example, API revenue grew from $80 million in Q3 2019 to $108 million in Q3 2020, a dollar value growth of $28 million. Twilio’s revenue in Q3 2020 was $448 million compared to $295 million in Q3 2019, a dollar value growth of $153 million.
Source: MarketWatch US Dollar Index (DXY) This trend is due to several policy decisions in the United States government and fiscal policies. The dollar index, which gauges the greenback’s strength against a basket of six currencies, was down 0.19 per cent to 91.69. On the positive impact, the dollar has depreciated over 5 per cent across major currencies. One of the most curious divergences in the second half of the year is the one between gold and the U.S. dollar.
We would say that the dollar has gotten weaker versus the euro. We take a look at what a “weakening dollar” means, why it is happening, and how investors can position themselves to profit from it.


His thoughts on gold are captured each week on a program called Gold Game Film in collaboration with Kitco News and Most intriguingly, this has been combined with a dive in the price of gold, which has suffered a 13% correction over the last two months. As Australia is a big gold producer and has a huge mining industry, commodity prices are an important part of the RBA monetary policy decision. Source: Bloomberg And at the same time, gold has surged back above $1800, erasing last week’s sudden plunge… Is the gold-to-bitcoin rotation unwinding?
The standard correlation between the two is that higher XAUUSD (i.e., gold) and lower USD represent protection against inflation. S&P 500 futures pointed to plenty of green at the open, the 10-year Treasury yield was at 0.837% and gold regained some ground. Because gold and other commodity prices advanced as well, some pressure was taken from the AUD’s strength. Gold prices for the latest contract on MCX are trading up by 0.5% at Rs 48,101 per 10 grams.
In this expansion the Fed will be patient.So back in the day the signals that would drive the copper-gold ratio higher (industrial recovery, burgeoning investor confidence etc.) Gold is nearly 1.8% higher and has resurfaced above $1800 an ounce.


If the unconventional oil industry activity ever picks up, it may be bearish for the prices received for these value added (or byproducts) of natural gas production. Imperial Oil (IMO) is one such case, as I will argue below, but first some general thoughts on oil demand and supply. Analysts at UniCredit bank said the oil producing countries were likely to agree to extend this year’s production cuts of about 7.7 million barrels a day. The company expects 2021 average production of 740,000 to 780,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day, about 10% higher than the midpoint of the forecast range for 2020.
Source: Company 2020 investor day presentation Imperial Oil will generate substantial cash flows to shareholders in the coming years if prices hover around $50/bbl. NEE has electricity-generating capabilities spread across fossil fuel sources such as coal, natural gas, and oil, as well as more environmentally-friendly sources such as wind and solar.
This is correct, as over half of NEE’s energy generation capacity comes from non-eco-friendly sources including coal, natural gas, and oil.
Moreover, vegetable oil consumption was on the higher side which fuelled prices during these years, he said. Both the Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLE) and SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF (XOP) posted significant gains. Oil production rose 61,000 bpd in North Dakota and 315,000 bpd in the offshore Gulf of Mexico, offsetting cuts in Texas, where output fell 60,000 bpd.

United States

That was the day Pfizer (PFE) announced its positive vaccine news, which significantly raised investor hopes that the US economy would begin to get back to normal next year. The DJIA (DJI) gained 11.9% for its best month (at any point in the year) since 1987, and the Nasdaq (COMP) rose 11.8% for its best November since 2001. would also be seen as signals that would prompt the Fed to consider hiking — driving rates higher over time. The companies said their candidate, BNT162b2, could be launched in the EU this month, leaving the EU with an expedited vaccination timeline on par with the US.
Europe is already set for another contraction-though not on the scale of the second quarter’s record drop-and the US could easily follow. But the Fed has already said that there’s almost nothing that can happen in the short-term that would prompt a rate hike. “Nasdaq will also introduce a partnership with Equilar, the leading provider of corporate leadership data solutions, to aid Nasdaq-listed companies with board composition planning challenges,” its PR says.
Blackline (NASDAQ: BL) is a leading player in the market that recently reported a strong third quarter that surpassed all market expectations. Remember earlier this year the Fed gave two clear messages about how it would no longer be doing business as usual. US stock futures also pointed to a strong start on Wall Street with investors focusing on November manufacturing surveys from Europe and the United States.


As I rode in a taxi from the airport in Beijing to the city, I noticed few cars on the new superhighway.


I will continue to say No to Independence, but if it’s going to happen, let’s learn from the mistakes of Brexit and make it happen well. They said their candidate, BNT162b2, could be launched in the European Union this month. Brexit headlines remain contradictory, with several politicians saying an agreement can be reached this week while others casting doubts. The latest comment has come from Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, who said that the EU is preparing for a no-deal scenario.
Europe s enforcer | Amazon is working to avoid Google s fate with EU Antitrust regulators and trying to address enforcers concerns before the legal process goes too far. A Senate committee will question the national police chief, a day after Macron s party retreated from plans to criminalize the filming of officers. This decrease was due to the broad narrowing of spreads and the extension of the Fitbit closing date to reflect the ongoing EU investigation.
Any clearance in the EU and US will of course be “conditional” or for “emergency use” only. By now, I have built up excellent skills and experience in analyzing macroeconomic and political developments in Europe, the Eurozone and Germany, including ECB watching. Core HICP inflation remained very weak in November, supporting universal expectations of a December ECB easing package.