Close: London Session | Forex, Metals, Oil, Agriculture December 22, 2022



The dollar pared some of its earlier declines, but still traded marginally lower on the day.


Oil rallied, while Bitcoin and gold were little changed.To catch up on the trading day in the UK and Europe, check out today s edition of City Latest.


Thanks to responses to that price shock, the oil intensity of GDP peaked that year in the OECD. With demand for natural gas soaring, the national grid operator capped gas prices to protect consumers. Coal s rise came because oil-fired power was both quite polluting and then punitively expensive and gas was seen as scarce and better suited to industrial uses. The link between oil and GDP is a useful example. Where will the S&P 500, oil, and Bitcoin trade a year from now?
A big one is gasoline prices, which continue to plunge.

United States

View in browser Sam Bankman-Fried lands in the US to face charges, the Ukrainian president visits Washington and China plans to cut quarantine requirements. FTX turmoil FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried landed in the US late Wednesday to face a range of criminal charges. The US is releasing stockpiled Tamiflu supplies to help with the tough flu season. We ve seen lawsuits against former President Donald Trump, comedian Bill Cosby and billionaire Leon Black.
Trump s taxes reveal big losses. The child-care crisis in the US is about to get a lot worse. The US has a sale of 5-year TIPS reopening at 1 p.m. CarMax and Paychex report earnings. The US has some tailwinds that may help out.