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Russia s suspension of its involvement in the Ukrainian grain-export deal sent wheat prices soarin View in browser What a week it has been for crop markets. Canadian surplus | Canada s merchandise trade surplus unexpectedly widened in September as exports of wheat and crude oil rebounded.


Today we look at how some countries are choosing to stop chasing the Federal Reserve and stronger dollar, how the outlook for the UK View in browser Hello. The dollar pulled back, boosting the rest of Group-of-10 currencies.


Steel pipes to transport the pellets between machines and a temperature sensor tool didn t arrive for more than a year. Oil and gold advanced along with Bitcoin.


With oil output plunging, another hit on the economy is something the West African nation can ill afford.

United States

By not even paying lip service to the pain other economies may be dealing with at the hands of a historically aggressive Fed, Powell pretty much confirmed that idea. What we re reading Psychiatrists are concerned about an emerging crop of startups with little oversight that prescribe ketamine online to treat depression, the Wall Street Journal reports.Nov. As the US counts down to midterm elections and COP27, Americans are taking stock of whether President Joe Biden has lived up to his climate promises.
Coming up | October jobs data will be scoured to see if the Fed can shift to a 50-basis-point rate hike in December. These economies will suffer recession long before the Fed has caused a US economic downturn. Stocks up US equity futures were in the green as of 6:01 a.m. in New York, with S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 contracts both rising 0.6%. Fed policy maker Susan Collins will speak at 10 a.m. Earnings include Enbridge, Duke Energy, Dominion Energy, Hershey and DraftKings.


Meanwhile, with US-China ties at a low ebb and Chinese President Xi Jinping securing a third term, the Biden administration is maintaining its s harp-edged approach toward China.