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The dollar’s ascent is also expected to squeeze US earnings, with almost 90% expecting this to become apparent in third quarter results. Meanwhile, two-thirds of respondents believe the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index will climb to yet new highs over the next month. Intervention watch The incessant rise in the dollar has increased speculation that there will be a global coordinated effort to weaken it. Euro-area price increases have now outpaced the US for two straight months.
The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index is 0.1% firmer.


Oil rallied on prospects of an OPEC+ oil production cut.

United States

In 2022, labor market strength is simply seen by the market (in part because of Fed messaging) as simply worsening the inflation picture. | Fed officials are starting to publicly split on how fast to raise interest rates even as they agree more tightening of monetary policy is needed. US imports from China, while slowing lately, are broadly consistent with their 2021 levels, according to data from the US census bureau. S&P 500 futures trade about 0.1% higher while tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 contracts slip about 0.3% as of 6:15 a.m. New York time.
The Fed’s Raphael Bostic and John Williams speak.


Yet unlike Beijing, it didn t control hotel supply or cap prices, leading to a chaotic capitalistic nightmare which left travelers stressed and often stranded.