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The dollar as some 0.2% firmer, while gold and oil fell.


Behind the Saudi decision | Among the reasons Saudi Arabia decided to slow oil production, supporting its own economy regardless of the impact on output elsewhere.

United States

The year-to-date improvements in New York Fed s Global Supply Chain Pressure Index suggest that global supply chain pressures are beginning to fall back in line with historical levels. The proposed national ban on abortions after 15 weeks in the US would affect older mothers more, The New York Times says. By Sunday, the river had reopened at two choke points: near Stack Island, Mississippi, and near Memphis, Tennessee, the US Coast Guard said. The Fed is closing ranks around a goal of quickly raising its benchmark rate to around 4.5% then holding it there.
Meanwhile the Fed’s Charles Evans and Lael Brainard kick off another speaker-heavy week for the US central bank. Musk has repeatedly mocked Trump s social network, too. S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures fell about 0.2% each as of 6 a.m. New York time.


Chris Kay What we re reading The once rock-solid public support for President Xi Jinping s unyielding Covid Zero fight in China is cracking, Bloomberg reports.