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Coffee prices to are beginning to rally on reduced supplies.


Treasury yields, which had a dominant role in rocking the dollar, seemed to have a weaker impact after settling below 1.60%. As inflation takes hold, this could weaken the dollar in the months ahead. These concerns have boosted the safe-haven dollar. Third, take a look at the US dollar.


There is also an incredible need for biofuels around the world, lithium and silver for electric cars as the Green economy will forge ahead in the years to come. From social media attention and falling mine supply to safe haven and industrial demand, the silver market is on fire. less Spot silver is trading around $26 per ounce…but you can’t buy any at that price. If you want silver right now, you’ll need to pay at least $35 per ounce. In late January, a Reddit WallStreetBets (WSB) subpost triggered a call to action to buy silver.
In the past year premiums on physical silver have tripled from normal levels. The silver market has rarely if ever, experienced anything like this. But demand for physical silver hasn’t. Since then, silver’s been hot, and by all accounts, that seems likely to continue. Silver’s price spiked from $25 to $31 before subsiding. High-Tech Tools Join the Hunt for Forgotten Mines In Afghanistan, Angola and Libya, digging out the deadly remnants of war takes nerves of steel and increasingly sophisticated mapping technology.


All three also saw positive free cash flow throughout last year even as some oil giants such as Exxon Mobil and Chevron saw periods of cash bleeds. Oil field servicers’ collective discipline should help them command higher prices as energy companies require more of their services. Despite their resilience, oil field service companies have underperformed a broad basket of oil-and-gas exploration companies year to date. Slow and steady, judging by the three major oil field services firms that unveiled results in the past week.
SLB provides services to oil and gas drillers based on technology developed by the founding Alsatian brothers a century ago. CEO Olivier Le Peuch predicted that oil demand could rise by as much as 6 mn barrels/day in North America by the end of this year. For investors looking to ride the coattails of the oil demand recovery, servicers are an inexpensive way to do it. Following the path of oil producers, the servicers, too, are passing up on revenue growth in favor of profitability.
less Share Photo: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News By Jinjoo Lee Close April 23, 2021 1:47 pm ET How is the oil patch’s recovery coming along? Shortages Have Become Pentagon Is Seen Short $7.1 Billion on What It Needs to Fly F-35 Can Oil Majors Make Electric Vehicle Charging Pay? Brent crude prices also are back to their immediate pre-pandemic levels.

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Yesterday stocks had themselves a little panic attack on news that Trump s replacement, who has also not yet crashed the stock market, was going to raise capital-gains taxes. The Fed said the U.S. economy would temporarily see “a little higher” inflation this year as activity strengthens and supply constraints push up prices in some sectors. less Image: Bigstock The real estate sector has been enjoying a huge rally on the dual tailwinds of accelerating economic growth and Fed’s accommodative stance.
Meanwhile, near the bottom of the Nasdaq is , last seen down 8.3% at $112.13, and slipping below the $115 area for the first time since April 2020. You can even build ETFs to mimic active managers, if that s your thing.To be fair, everybody s extra-antsy about taxes here in Wall Street s metropolitan vicinity. We have yet to hear from the top 8 companies in the Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX), which represent about 50% of the index’s weight. While Smith was well-respected on Wall Street, he was undeniably a part of the management team that got the company into this mess.
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