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With bull spreads firming in corn and soybeans overall, traders set their sights on higher price targets. In the overnight electronic session, the March corn is currently trading at 486 which is 2 ¼ cents higher.


I also said that any minor rally the dollar would experience would be fool’s good. In conjunction with my bullish calls on emerging markets, my bearish calls on the U.S. dollar were also correct. Before the damage gets worse, dollar bugs would be wise to close out positions and get into gold. Despite it experiencing another mini-rally and nearly piercing the 91-level again on December 22, I remained steadfast in my bearish outlook of the dollar. Since the dollar briefly pierced the 91-level on December 9th, it has fallen nearly 1.4%.
Since the open on December 23rd, the U.S. Dollar has declined another 0.77%.


A global launch of electronic gold money would probably see gold trade at a higher price than bitcoin. Electronic gold money with a tiny transaction fee could replace the current model of income tax revenue generation for the government. This includes inflation-linked bonds and gold, which we believe provides a good store of value over the long term with a low correlation to traditional risk assets. For the moment, gold is managing to hold on to its recent gains.
(We discuss gold valuations in this recent blog post.)

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Investing.com Follow The past year was certainly not one that should make Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) investors proud. The past year was certainly not one that should make Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) investors proud. The Wall Street firm said this shift will ultimately drive further equity upside, while at the same time contributing to volatility during the year. Like nearly all of the FX market, the next move in USD/MXN could be driven by the outcome of the US Georgia Senate Runoff Elections.
Like in the immediate wake of the US presidential election, more control in Washington, D.C. to the Democrats should help foster a weaker environment for USD/MXN. Its competitors, including Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) and NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA), design chips that are built by outsiders, led by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (NYSE:TSM). In 2020, the S&P 500, a gauge for the stock performance of the largest publicly-traded 500 companies in the US, returned over 16%.
Apple, (NASDAQ:MSFT), (NASDAQ:AMZN), (NASDAQ:FB) and (NASDAQ:TSLA), which joined the S&P 500 index in December, are the ETF’s five largest names, comprising close to 22% of the SPY’s roster. With a market cap of over $2.26 trillion, (NASDAQ:AAPL) heads the S&P 500 list. is soaring near the top of the Nasdaq today, up 72.8% at $10.62 at last check. In mid-January, a new earnings season will start in the US. Research from our team of in-house analysts has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, USA Today, Kitco, Reuters, US News & World Report, CNBC, and more.
Examples include (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG) and (NYSE:BRKa) (NYSE:BRKb).