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The price of ethanol made from sugarcane will rise 33% with no mention of corn ethanol prices, as it is a required 12% ethanol blend. With corn prices at or about $5 a bushel and the driving habits of Americans having not turned back to normal due to the pandemic, the move was made. Argentina recorded over 1.2 million mt off corn licenses that were registered overnight in one of the busiest days in several weeks. In the overnight electronic session, the march corn is currently trading at 498 ¼, which is 6 ½ cents higher.


The yuan erased a gain of about 0.5% within an hour in late morning trade, and was at 6.4577 per dollar as of 2:21 p.m. in Shanghai.


In this bull run for gold, gold stocks should outperform gold itself, and silver stocks should outperform silver itself. Figure 1 – COMEX Gold Futures After the Jan. 4 rally, gold moved only insignificantly higher, and it’s even a bit lower in Wednesday, Jan. 6’s pre-market trading. One step further, silver stocks should outperform gold stocks. Radomski is the author of Sunshine Profits’ Gold & Silver Trading Alerts and many of company’s investment tools.
So, the gold-USD link seems to be relatively normal after all; it doesn’t, by itself, indicate further relative strength in gold. His newsletter is a Monday through Thursday email report that trades the S&P, Nasdaq and gold issues. For potential maximum performance, silver stocks may be the place to be.

United States

If enacted, the move would be a major escalation by the exiting Trump administration on its efforts to unwind U.S. investors’ holdings in major Chinese companies. The Trump administration has stepped up efforts to sanction Chinese companies in its final days. The inflation story is one near-term catalyst as to why Bitcoin (BITCOMP) is in launch mode – thanks to the Fed. Spiteful Trump followers are forcing Congress examination of supposed frauds in Arizona voting.
Students of politics had an easy explanation: Republicans favor Wall Street, while Silicon Valley is a progressive bastion. Alipay is also in Trump’s bad list.


We didn’t have long to wait to get a very clear signal that Beijing is now actively contemplating a devaluation.


Based on more up-to-date manufacturing indicators from the United States and the EU, the recovery in the manufacturing sector is certainly not over yet.