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Catalysts for continued price increases could include a weak dollar, continued support from central banks, especially the Federal Reserve, and mountains of government debt. One dollar invested in Bitcoin on January 1, 2015, would have grown to $125 in six years, a compound annual return of 125.5% percent! With Europe being the main theme of my professional life, obviously something to say on the euro crisis. In 2008, I joined ING and immediately had to put my experience on Europe, the Euro and policy-making into practice.
The strengthening of the euro is getting more and more attention.


That was typical bit in the mouth enthusiasm by the gold “community”, as even Warren Buffett bought a gold stock (and signaled a top). He is well known for combining technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis into one accurate conclusion about the gold market. less The price of gold remains at $1,850, and the key drivers are higher bond yields and a stronger risk appetite. He writes a bi-weekly in-depth analysis for one of Germany´s largest gold and silver retailer the “pro aurum group”.
Last week, the yellow metal tanked below $1,900 again, and it hasn’t rebounded since the plunge – instead, the price of gold has stayed at around $1,850. As well he is publishing his bi-weekly comprehensive for his numerous international readers focusing on Gold, Silver, Mining, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Since then, gold has given back some of the gains, whereas broader markets have continued the march to record highs. Alternatively, one could buy an ETF that tracks the price of gold, such as the (NYSE:GLD).
On the other side of the equation, the bear case for gold, in part, rests on life returning to normal following large-scale vaccination efforts. In addition to gold, he writes articles about inflation, interest rates, and the Federal Reserve. Gold and silver prices went up by about 20% and 43%, respectively during that period. Financial planners usually recommend allocating 5%-10% of an investment portfolio to precious metals like gold.
$173.37 $136.12 – $194.45 0.40% In August 2020, gold prices hit an all-time high, reaching almost $2,100 an ounce. Arkadiusz is the author of the monthly Market Overview reports and Gold Monitor News at Sunshine Profits. We expect gold to make another attempt at $2,100 in the coming quarters. Gold does not even appear to leave the x-axis, but the annual return is 7.2%. They sold safe havens such as gold and disposed of treasuries, . This party is no place for gold. He has been a broker off the floor since then and has been with The PRICE Futures Group since it was established in 1988. less Silver is trading sideways.
That stock could appeal to investors interested in silver’s bull run.


They are crude oil’s largest consumers and the former was the largest producer of oil in 2019, topping Saudi Arabia, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Past experience has shown, though, that those promises are hard to keep when oil prices are high and capital markets are friendly. The kingdom’s move has helped send front-month Brent crude oil prices up by 7% in two weeks to above $55 a barrel. It has also kept its oil supply forecast largely unchanged.
But wild cards still remain in the form of two formidable oil players: the U.S. and China. Conversely, the expected return of colder weather to NWE and the UK at the end of January in combination with muted LNG supply should limit the downside potential.
The regulator, Brian Brooks, was responding in part to complaints from the oil-and-gas industry that it had been unfairly denied financing by large lenders.

United States

In Q3, Goldman’s profit nearly doubled, the latest confirmation that even in a pandemic and a recession, Wall Street can still make money. This dwarfs even Tesla’s 65.0% annual return and makes the return on the Nasdaq of 20.4% appear downright anemic. Carnival’s total capacity for 2022 relative to 2019 will grow by less than 2%, net of ships disposed of and acquired, according to UBS analyst Robin Farley. The US stock indexes today are all in the black, which doesn’t mean that all my US holdings (to say nothing of ADRs) are up.
This makes it the second-most shorted company across the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Inc., according to Dow Jones Market Data. In other news, President Donald Trump became the first president to be impeached twice, after he was charged with incitement of insurrection. Its stock is followed by the US and global analysts like BofA; Barclays; Citi; Credit Suisse; HSBC; JP Morgan; Morgan Stanley; and UBS—but not Schwab.
During the full period, the volatilities for the five assets in the sample were as follows: GLD 14%, Nasdaq 21%, AMZN 31%, TSLA 55%, and BTC 73%. Research from our team of in-house analysts has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, USA Today, Kitco, Reuters, US News & World Report, CNBC, and more. At the time, the yellow metal’s performance outstripped the gains of the technology-heavy NASDAQ 100 index. Kelsey is the author of two books: INFLATION, WHAT IT IS, WHAT IT ISN’T, AND WHO’S RESPONSIBLE FOR IT and ALL HAIL THE FED!


Beijing’s delay gave Cisco little choice between paying up or walking.


The just-released minutes of this meeting illustrate the ECB’s broad support for this decision as well as concerns about the outlook for the eurozone economy and inflation. By now, I have built up excellent skills and experience in analyzing macroeconomic and political developments in Europe, the Eurozone and Germany, including ECB watching. From the periodic table, they include names like cerium (Ce), europium (Eu), lanthanum (La), neodymium (Nd), promethium (Pm) and samarium (Sm).
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