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Pramol Dhawan, Vinicius Silva, Gene Frieda September 2020 Investing.com Follow Dwindling stockpiles have already sent corn, soybeans and wheat prices skyrocketing. Dwindling stockpiles have already sent corn, soybeans and wheat prices skyrocketing. Soybeans DailyHe added: “The export sales report featured almost all buying by China. Investing.com’s Daily Technical Outlook for corn is a “Strong Buy” based on its current momentum.


In previous global recessions, many EM economies were forced to tighten policy to keep their currencies from weakening relative to the dollar and prevent ballooning in dollar-denominated debt service. February WTI reversed lower ahead of the long holiday weekend and made a marginal new low today (~$51.75) before recovering nearly a dollar. Equities are mostly higher, peripheral European bonds are firm, and the dollar is mostly softer. A minority of countries with large dollar-denominated debts and relatively fixed exchange rates have seen debt service costs rise by more than one percentage point of GDP.
The dollar is lower against all the major currencies, but the yen. The dollar’s four-day advance was snapped today.


We offer mass affluent, HNW, UHNW and institutional investors including family offices, gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion in London, Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth and soon Dubai. This week 136,160 bpd is set to depart on 4 vessel(s): SEXTANS (9358321), STENA POLARIS (9390032), SILVER AMANDA (9682394), and AQUILA L (9829411).


Domestic jet fuel production gained 91 kbd vs. the last report to 1.24 million bpd, while gasoline production fell 498 kbd WoW to a level of 7.51 million bpd. Vessel Movements US DIESEL EXPORTS: Last week saw 769,168 bpd depart, with at least 651,704 bpd headed to Latin America. US JET FUEL EXPORTS: Last week there were 35,038 bpd that departed on 2 vessel(s). This week will see import volumes of 162,257 bpd aboard 5 vessel(s): MARMOTAS (9304344), JO KARI (9332028), DEE4 ELM (9367750), MARLIN AMBER (9697210) and GREAT KAPPA (9873656).
US DIESEL IMPORTS: Last week there were 121,064 bpd aboard 6 vessel(s). One of those two positions is for an electrician, and asks that candidates be able to “install enhancements and major upgrades to offshore vessel electrical systems. This is followed by gasoline, which is priced at 151.18 cents/gallon, and jet fuel as the lowest priced molecule at 144.4 cents/gallon. Crude tipped its hand by running into resistance at 54, but should hold up above 51.

United States

The “shadow rate” can stand in for the fed funds rate, drop below zero, and make those models functional again. Technical Analysis NYMEX ULSD fell a bit short of the resistance level identified a week ago, but even if it continues to weaken, expect support at ~1.55. On the USGC, which boasts 53% of US refining capacity, the most valuable of the marquis products is ULSD with a current spot price of 154.5 cents per gallon. It completely reinvented transportation, replacing horse-drawn carts and ensuring the development of road networks across the US and abroad.
Yet, early Sino compliance to the agreement was average, with exports accelerating after November’s presidential election victory for Democrat Joseph Biden over Republican Trump. Prices The NYMEX ULSD front month contract has gained strength this week, and is currently at $1.599/gallon. In 2018, China provided around 80% of US rare earths, and at least one mine in the US sends the material to China to be processed.
The Capital Spectator has been quoted by a range of news organizations, including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and others. For jet fuel, Los Angeles holds up better than the rest, trading with a differential to NYMEX ULSD at -0.11. The US 10-year is firm at 1.11%, while European bonds are little changed, and the periphery is doing better than the core. The Fed’s easing in 2009 was followed by a record of $440 billion of inflows in 2010. For the same reason, and also because of the US presidential inauguration, EIA numbers will not be released until Friday, January 22, 2021.
He has been quoted in a variety of financial news publications, such as CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post. GoldCore have an international media profile (CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, FT, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Associated Press, Reuters etc.)


Faced with an increase in interbank borrowing costs for the ninth consecutive session, the PBOC injected CNY75 bln in seven-day cash via repo agreements. Based in Beijing, NIU is poised to sell millions of e-scooters to those living in the world’s most populous country, as well as other urban residents across the globe.