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The US stock market has been generally firm to help support ideas of a better economy here and potentially increased demand for Cotton products. Trends in Cotton are mixed.


The passage of the Covid 19 stimulus [package by Congress weakened the UDS Dollar and helped promote better demand ideas. The US Dollar has started to firm recently and could be hurting demand.


Copper prices, a key indicator of industrial demand, are near a decade high. This development can, in fact, be good for gold. Arkadiusz is the author of the monthly Market Overview reports and Gold Monitor News at Sunshine Profits.


I’m referring here to the fact that oil prices have seen a deep plunge in March and April 2020 (remember negative WTI oil prices? The jump was driven by a 6.4% spike in gasoline prices.

United States

If the Fed can sustain that despite the serious price inflation that epic influx of new money is spawning, it implies $1,440b of balance-sheet growth this year. Many Wall Street strategists raised their target price on the S&P 500 with Credit Suisse lifting the target price from 4,200 to $4,300 by the end of the year. less The US stock markets have soared over the past year, achieving truly-astounding performance. Over just 3.0 months after the dark heart of that stock panic, the Fed rushed to print money so furiously that its balance sheet skyrocketed $2,857b or 66.3% higher!
Like the fed’s balance-sheet expansion, it is hard to imagine 2021’s deficit spending hitting half of last year’s crazy extremes even with Democrats in power. In January, the company gave yet another upbeat forecast, showing that it continues to gain market share by taking advantage of production delays at its main rival, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC). VIX DailyThe NASDAQ 100 and specifically the technology sector and high growth areas of the stock market have been hit the hardest as rates have risen.
Last year the Fed ballooned its balance sheet a monstrous $3,198b or 76.8%! To answer this question, he rhetorically asked another: what would the market normally expect from the Fed here? These behemoths effectively are the US stock markets, commanding a massive 42.5% of the entire S&P 500’s market capitalization! As the Fed intended, a sizable fraction of those trillions of dollars found their way into the stock markets.
less Investing.com Follow The shares of Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) have lost some of their shine this year. According to the US Treasury, last year the federal government’s debt rocketed up $4,547b or 19.6%. This table outlines key fundamentals of the 25 largest companies in the US stock markets. Another few trillion dollars of emergency pandemic stimulus from the US government sure helped. The shares of Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) have lost some of their shine this year.
less With the US 10-year treasury yield pushing through 1.62 today, bond prices are in retreat, and the yield back to where it was in early February 2020. In the 2007-09 cycle, the US 10-year topped at 3.36% in April 2009 and the 2-year just over 1% while the stock market halved. It could quickly help to push the S&P 500 over 4,000 for the first time ever, while sending the NASDAQ back to its all-time highs. Aside from this, the Fed will release its latest dot plot and it is fair to say that a lot has changed since December.