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If you go bankrupt and there s only $60 left, then the majority get 100 cents on the dollar and the minority get less than 20. If you go bankrupt and there s only $60 left, then all the lenders get 60 cents on the dollar. Marcus argues the shrinking dollar actually helps correct a serious imbalance in the global currency market. Because of this, billion-dollar exits like those achieved by Reynolds, George Clooney and Dr. Dre, remain outliers, Chris writes.


But it is a crude and imprecise approach to a basically social set of questions: What are your depositors like?

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Bloomberg s editorial board A Swiss executive with experience restructuring a bad bank is exactly what UBS needs. Further Reading The US is reinforcing the idea that China wants peace while the West wants war. Chris Christie goes for Donald Trump s jugular. Things happen UBS Veteran Ermotti Returns to Lead Credit Suisse Takeover.