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Of these, yellow dent corn or field corn accounts for the majority of commercial U.S. production. While corn on the cob is quite popular, not all corn is sweet. Animal feed and ethanol production collectively make up around of U.S. corn usage. Other uses of corn include the production of sweeteners, starch, cereal, and alcoholic beverages like whiskey. There are five major types of corn grown around the world, and each one differs in taste and uses. In the United States, federal mandates require vehicles to use a blend of gasoline and biofuels like ethanol— of which is produced from the starch in corn grain.
The USDA also reported despite above-average rainfall for the week, corn planting increased 4% points to 11% above the five-year average. From the sweetener in our coffees to the ethanol that powers our vehicles, corn has hundreds of uses. This is because corn is a rich source of carbohydrates, and in combination with protein from soybeans, it can make for an effective diet for livestock.
Therefore, a large portion of U.S. corn goes into ethanol production. As a result, animal feed makes up nearly 40% of the country’s corn usage. In the overnight electronic session, the July corn is currently trading at 654 which is 31/4 cents lower. Mexican crop conditions in central and southern areas are called good with rains, but earlier dry weather might have hurt production. USDA said that Cotton was 49% planted, from 38% last week, 52% last year, and 52% average.
The weather in Florida is good with mostly dry weather. Stress to trees could return if the dry weather continues as is in the forecast. Cotton growing conditions have improved.


less Today markets are mixed because of currency factors, with sterling bullishness against the dollar and the euro.


Gold prices saw a more significant move higher, on the other hand, to settle near the $1,900 an ounce mark, which is a significant area of resistance. This upside confluence pattern suggests that Gold has now moved into a much stronger bullish price phase compared to various currency pairs. The average citizen in the West will also begin to embrace gold as a sensible asset class to invest a portion of their fiat money. Gold has set up a very strong confluence pattern across multiple foreign currencies recently.
As the current “growflation” theme transitions into stagflation, US money managers are likely to embrace a 10%-20% allocation to gold… which is the norm in Asia. As a result, June-dated gold rose $13.50, or 0.7%, to settle at $1,898 an ounce. (May 20, 2021) and; What To Expect – A Critical Breakout Warning For Gold, Silver & Miners Explained (May 18, 2021).


In turn, July-dated crude added 2 cents, or 0.03%, to settle at $66.07 per barrel.

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The Nasdaq registered modest losses as well, as Big Tech resumed its slide, and Amazon (AMZN) came under fire on the heels of an antitrust lawsuit over its pricing. That is, after all, the trick the Fed had up its sleeve in H1 2020, when it began creating this epic inflationary operation. He has been quoted in a variety of financial news publications, such as CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post. Research from our team of in-house analysts has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, USA Today, Kitco, Reuters, US News & World Report, CNBC, and more.
The US economy is better and is starting to reopen.


EXEL stock fell 4.3% while RHHBY gained 0.9% because of EU approval for its venclyxto, developed with AbbVie to treat acute myeloid leukemia. Britain’s currency edge is based on its speedier vaccination program against Covid-19 than that of the EU it left.