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This summer large crypto firms were on sale at pennies on the dollar if you had some ready cash and a tolerance for risk; Bankman-Fried did. Now, it seems, his large crypto firm was on sale at pennies on the dollar, and Zhao has the cash. One possible reading of this situation is that CZ did some tweets and got himself a $30 billion crypto exchange for pennies on the dollar.


They found bags after bags of frozen meat in his freezer, including chickens, ducks, and fish stuffed with plastic-wrapped gold bars and jewelery.

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CityLab Daily Also today: The visual language of campaign logos, and the state races that will help define the US energy transition. Bloomberg s editorial boardJobs growth suggests the US may be able to avoid a crippling recession after all. UBS chief risk officer quits to become professional photographer. View in browser Midterm elections are underway in the US as voters head to the polls on Tuesday. Karl W. Smith Why the US takes so long to count its votes.


Xi claims common prosperity is not egalitarianism, but many entrepreneurs see the slogan as an excuse for Beijing to appropriate their businesses once they become successful. To boost tech entrepreneurship, Xi Jinping should bring back Jack Ma.