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The market in Russia has remained high on limited supply as farmer hold the Wheat back due to the drought. The Luckin Coffee (OTCPK:LKNCY) debacle put the issue of accounting integrity for Chinese companies listed on U.S. exchanges front and center. Northern areas should see dry weather this week and showers this weekend. Overnight News: The southern Great Plains should get dry weather. USDA said that Cotton is 61% harvested, from 59% last year and 57% average.


So far, the US dollar is still traded within the 92.00-95.00 range and now the US dollar closed at the bottom of its recent range – 1,951.70. Gold made a strong breakout run last week while the US dollar dropped hard. But when the US dollar dropped to 92.22 last Friday, the gold price only bounced back to 1,951.70, more than 100 dollars lower than its peak price. That is, gold may be either turned down due to the strong US dollar or be in sideways in the next few years to finish its handle.
While factors such as volume of quote requests or revenue per quote request are largely a result of managing the business for VMM dollar contribution.” But the US dollar 2020’s ups/downs must be the deciding factor for the gold price movement. A strong US dollar in general is no good for gold prices. When gold topped at its record high of 2,085 on August 6th, the US dollar closed at 92.50. Right now, the US dollar is mimicking its 2016-2017 pattern and the bottom may be seen next January not now.
The US dollar was flat last Monday and dropped 4 days in a row. A multi-billion dollar legal dispute in the USA could still harm the company. Per Wagner’s remarks: We manage our marketplace to increase variable marketing margin dollar contribution. I believe that the US Dollar will start its next upcycle in early 2021. Anyone that has followed currencies recently knows how weak the dollar has been in recent months. In the past 12 months, the US dollar weakness has added 2-3% points to the total return of this fund.
I do not believe that the US dollar will make a breakdown move at the moment. The rebound will bring the US dollar back to 95.00 levels in the coming weeks. This can be a tailwind in times of depreciating US dollar. The only way to approach this is to dollar-cost average into the asset.


I see last week’s gold breakout was a fake one and believe that the gold will fall back after the strong run. (Source: Company Presentation) Teranga Gold released its Q3 results this week and reported quarterly gold production of 104,800~ ounces, translating to 69% growth year-over-year. Finally, came 2020, which is the year that investing in gold and gold miner stocks for the buy-and-hold type of investors can get huge returns. Gold and gold miner stocks do provide good short-term investment opportunities from time-to-time but will not be good for the buy-and-hold type of investors in the next few years.
This will be good for gold and gold miner stock traders but not good for investors. 10, 2020 1:20 PM ET|| About: Lundin Gold Inc. (FTMNF)by: SA TranscriptsThe following slide deck was published by Lundin Gold Inc. in conjunction with their 2020 Q3 earnings call. 10, 2020 1:21 PM ET|| About: Teranga Gold Corporation (TGCDF)by: SA TranscriptsThe following slide deck was published by Teranga Gold Corporation in conjunction with their 2020 Q3 earnings call.
If gold does start its handle-building stage as I believe it will, gold will be in a zig-zag pattern again. The main culprit for the higher costs was much lower gold sales in the quarter (42,400~ ounces vs. 49,800~ ounces in Q2). Given Teranga’s strong organic growth profile as SMGC continues to ramp up and an improving cost profile, I continue to see the stock as a top-5 African gold producer.
Precious metals start failing the with an ounce of gold trading near US$2,000 and possibly much higher. Not surprisingly, the higher gold price had a dramatic effect on revenue growth as well.
We had a gold standard till 1971 where one could trade one’s fiat currency into this physical tangible. The gold prices have been making its moves from time to time but never making sustainable moves in the following years. He is well known for combining technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis into one accurate conclusion about the gold market. In the meantime, gold made a strong breakout move from its double bottom and closed above its strong resistance in the 1,940.00 levels.
Having said that, investors with no gold (or related items) can buy at any price, because precious metals are the ultimate asset class! Probably, but gold bugs need to ignore this market noise and focus on using good tactics… to get richer! If the breakout is for real, gold may run to 2,030 levels before pulling back. 2020 has been a highly rewarding year for gold investors.


Heavy oil tends to be a discounted product compared to light oil, and sulfur is an unwanted pollutant in oil that will cost extra to remove. The company can continue paying its 5% dividend and significantly increase its shareholder rewards if oil prices recover. Despite the cash flow from product, in many ways, Africa Oil is still a development-stage company. Source: Africa Oil October 2020, Investor Presentation Africa Oil holds a significant amount of Eco Atlantic (OTC:ECAOF) stock.
If oil prices go down, the company’s dividend would be at risk, although financially it can temporarily more than handle it. ConocoPhillips’ risk is the same as all other companies, the company’s risk is the chance of a drastic drop in oil prices. This makes the company a strong investment as we return to a normalized oil environment. The current abysmal state of affairs is likely included in the price of oil stocks. To say that the current environment for oil production is bleak would be an understatement.
In the near term there will still be a “snap back in oil prices” following the resumption of the world’s economies. A recent article describes this situation well (See Oil Prices Are Only Going in One Direction, by Julian Lee, Bloomberg, November 7, 2020). To put this in perspective, the current price of oil is $37.50/bbl. In 2021, the company can cover this at $39 / barrel WTI, which is below current WTI crude prices, although only by 1-2%. The stock market also rallied sharply on the news as did Crude Oil.
Nigeria is a country that does support its oil and gas industry. These companies are rich in an asset [oil] for which there is diminished demand. Eco Atlantic and its partners will still explore for light oil prospects. Future oil demand is not in the present, however. Its Eagle Ford acreage in south Texas hovers over an estimated billion dollars in proven oil reserves. Source: Q3 2020 Press Release The Oil & Gas segment’s revenue and adjusted EBITDA were down 52% and 25%, respectively.

United States

The two also discussed an ‘insurance policy’ in the event Trump was likely to win the election, approximately two weeks after Crossfire Hurricane was launched. With Aphria’s acquisition of the SweetWater brewery, the company will reach the US markets much better, as the brewery is focused on the cannabis culture market. EverQuote also outperformed dramatically versus Wall Street’s expectations for $85.2 million in revenue, or +27% y/y growth. The company itself has been rather disappointing in many recent quarters, yet the stock has recently surged from all-time lows as a result of the US election.
Perhaps even more curious was the market response to this news with one of the clear take-aways being higher rates in the US.
Indeed, it seems a certainty that not enough electoral votes could be flipped from Biden to Trump to overturn Joe Biden’s electoral vote victory. Monday was a strong day for many sectors in the market due to the news about the Pfizer (NYSE: PFE)/BioNTech (NASDAQ: BNTX) vaccine. Axcelis Technologies Inc (Nasdaq: ACLS) has been a profitable company with a persistently high cash return on total capital of 9.8% on average over the past 20 years.
: What if Biden had had a comfortable lead on Election Day that evaporated as the counting occurred in Republican strongholds, eventually giving Trump margin-of-error wins in key states? less It’s been a brutal stretch in the headlines this year, and perhaps even more so over the past month as the US Presidential Election dominated the airwaves. This is how First Trust defines QCLN: The First Trust NASDAQ® Clean Edge® Green Energy Index Fund is an exchange-traded index fund.
Former Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, In addition to insisting Trump concede, Biden is expected to name a chief of staff as early as this week. Further complicating the dynamic is the fact that one current Fed board member—the sole Democratic member, Lael Brainard—is touted by some as a potential Treasury secretary. The company estimates that IT spending for the P&C insurance industry is approximately $6 billion in the US and $15 billion globally.
So the Fed board could have anywhere from zero to three open seats as Mr. Biden settles into the White House. The amount of revenue required to hit this valuation is already 25% of the company’s TAM in the US of $6 billion. Here, as well as in SLV and PSLV, it results in a stronghold of the US$20.39 price level for support. Mester also added her voice to the unanimous chorus of Fed officials who are calling for additional fiscal stimulus. Up until yesterday, the Dow had been the laggard with the Nasdaq pushing up to a fresh high in June and the S&P following a couple of months later.
Of course, this would require support within their own party—which hasn’t been a given on Mr. Trump’s Fed nominations.


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