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The market in Russia has remained high on limited supply as farmer hold the Wheat back due to the drought. Reports indicate that some Cotton could have been damaged in Georgia and the Carolinas and into eastern Virginia due to the excessive rains caused by the hurricanes. USDA said that Cotton is now 69% harvested, from 61% last week, 66% last year, and 64% average. less image source General Comments: Cotton closed little changed for the week. Overnight News: The southern Great Plains should get dry weather.


Q2’s YoY growth rate was 5.1%, and Q3’s just 2.4%, as sales rose just $23 million on a dollar basis. Throughout this time, euro has been very strong, holding above 1.18 versus the US dollar.


In contrast, for the sane adult, private money (gold, silver, and perhaps some crypto) is the logical choice. Ahead of the Chinese New Year buying season, gold and silver investors require only modest patience. I will be looking at Kirkland Lake Gold (KL) stock around the $36.00 level for a long side trade. If gold trades down towards $1800-$1750, investors should then buy with more size. Some have resorted to printing, while others have turned to sell a portion of their gold reserves.
Kirkland Lake Gold (KL) has been steadily trending lower since early August 2020.


Midstream Oil – Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin Energy Transfer has announced a plan to purchase low cost solar power from a new 28 MWac solar project being built. Oil consumption may never return to levels seen before the coronavirus crisis took hold, according to a recent report by one of the top oil producers, BP (NYSE:BP). However, the company’s risk is that the massive COVID-19-related oil collapse will devastate capital spending and thereby contract renewables due to a lack of volumes in the coming years.
Investing.com Follow After taking a severe blow since the COVID-19 outbreak in March, big oil stocks are showing some signs of life. After taking a severe blow since the COVID-19 outbreak in March, big oil stocks are showing some signs of life. A permanent shift to clean energy, stricter government policies and changes in consumer behavior are some of the factors that could keep oil prices depressed. Despite this impressive move, there are still many risks that could derail this recovery and continue to make oil investment a risky bet for long-term investors.
Investors are turning bullish on oil stocks after seeing the prospect of an end next year to the pandemic-driven slowdown. According to the company it is widely referred to as Guyana’s “Indigenous Oil Company”. When that end does come, it will be positive news for cyclical stocks, including oil super majors. Still, we don’t believe oil stocks make a compelling investment case for long-term investors.
These include renewable energy sources like solar and wind farms (69%), transmission and transport (15%), efficient natural gas (13%), and water (3%), creating a well-diversified source of cash flows. XOM Weekly TTM That means it will take much longer for oil giants to reverse their financial situation and invest for growth. The company’s assets are valuable and well distributed, connected to every major U.S. natural gas supply and demand center. Trading at $37.59 on Monday morning, Exxon is about 20% higher since Oct. 28, while another oil super major, Chevron, is up about 30% during the same period.
Over the long run, the outlook for oil companies doesn’t look too rosy. Natural gas is incredibly important because its primary uses are energy production instead of transportation. Most BDCs typically do not directly invest in travel, entertainment, retail, restaurants, sporting event-related, airlines, oil/energy, etc., and if they do, it’s a small portion of the portfolio.
More so, the benefits of natural gas over coal mean it’s important in renewables.

United States

“My research shows that a large part of [the Fed’s easing] following stock market declines over the last [2½] decades came as a surprise to investors,” Cleslak said. For investors willing to hold over potentially significant ups and downs for the stock over the medium term, the IPO may be worth considering. For investors willing to hold over potentially significant ups and downs for the stock over the medium term, the IPO is worth considering. The study, ironically, means that the Fed put could be less effective in the future, since most investors have been conditioned to expect it.
AMD’s (AMD) stock has been performing well consistently throughout 2020, capturing market share from opponents like Intel’s (NASDAQ:INTC) data center business. Likely included in whatever “options” Trump may have been presented were large-scale cyber-attacks, potentially able to completely disable facilities like Natanz. Let’s say there are roughly 432,000 patients who experience distributive shock each year in the US and 92% of these patients are treated with catecholamines.
Drug launch curves in the modern era, an article from Nature Reviews: Drug Discovery, contains projections of relevance for forecasting pharmaceutical sales in the US market. Given cycle that puts the Fed in – does it mean that the market going up is always going to remain a certainty? Among these patients, about 159,000 or 40% do not reach an adequate MAP following an initial dose of catecholamines, representing the total population of CRH patients in the US.
They had to go in and replace votes for Biden and take away Trump votes.” Powell: “They can watch the voting real time. It appears a last ditch effort to make good on prior Trump campaign promises. For some of us, the idea of a Fed put hasn’t even been up for debate over the last several decades. At this point, most on the left assume that they have the election in the bag and that there is no way that Trump could possibly win.
This trend is likely to continue given the optimism of the Wall Street analysts though an earnings surprise is difficult to predict this time. Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) and BioNTech (NASDAQ:BNTX) announced earlier this month that their coronavirus vaccine was 90% effective in late stage tests. That has upended performance from firms that in recent years have been among the best on Wall Street, and normally thrive during periods of heightened volatility. Some Trump campaign officials made claims in recent interviews that Smartmatic had links to Dominion.
Research from our team of in-house analysts has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, USA Today, Kitco, Reuters, US News & World Report, CNBC, and more. Just a brief background on the company, Flowers Foods is the second-largest baked foods manufacturer in the US producing a wide array of breads, buns, and rolls.


It does not directly address government bonds, but national governments tend to follow the EU criteria as they develop their own frameworks for green bonds. The EU itself plans to sell €225 billion in green bonds over the next four years. This can keep the door open for short-side scenarios, looking for the mean-reversion theme to continue as we move closer to that December ECB rate decision. ECB, BoJ) are not ready to let their currency appreciate indefinitely.