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United States

Better Off Fed Watching inflation hit eleventy zillion percent despite a series of aggressive Fed rate hikes, you can t help but wonder: Is the Fed doing it wrong? In fact, he argues, it s high time the US admits the hermit kingdom is already a nuclear state and adjusts its strategy accordingly. Carrying on Donald Trump s new cold war with China may help President Joe Biden keep the US a step ahead of its rival economically and militarily. Even as the US plays chicken with Russia in Ukraine, it s antagonizing another nuclear-powered rival in China, notes Niall Ferguson.
The Fed risks a financial accident. Today s Agenda The US risks World War III.


Further Reading Xi Jinping is surrounded by his own people now, but he s making their jobs impossible.


Sadly for us jokers, but fortunately for the Tories and for the UK, BoJo dropped out (for now).