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Fox News firebrand Tucker Carlson, along with right-wing radio host Glenn Beck, were blaming ESG for everything from high gasoline prices to economic trouble in Sri Lanka.

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The trick will be deterring Putin from using a nuke in the first place without directly involving the US and NATO in the war, writes Andreas Kluth. The Fed raised rates by 75 basis points and threatened far more, and Powell warned economic pain would result. This isn t exactly a new claim against Trump; Bloomberg Opinion s own Tim O Brien wrote a whole book making this point years ago. But this is the first time Trump s alleged exaggerations have posed a life-or-death threat to his business, Tim writes.
Julian Lee The Jam Thickens Ol Donny Trump has been wriggling his way out of legal, financial and other jams easily for decades now. Investors in Donald Trump s media Spac push for better terms as clock runs out. Trump is finally facing legal consequences. Rates Vs. Freights There was a Fed meeting today, as you may have heard. Further Reading Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac investors will get their day in court against the US government. Trump sued him for libel, then lost the suit.
Trump is fast running out of wriggle room. Part of this is down to the Fed shaking the interest-rate stick at the global economy. Things happen Trump Sued by New York Over Fraudulent Asset Valuations. The Fed will have to cause a recession. Everybody from Georgia s Fulton County DA to the US Congress is investigating him.