Forex Weekly Report 09-03-2020

2-YEAR U.S. TREASURY NOTES – Downtrend Resumption

Commercials made a massive move on the short side signaling a possible reversal. This generates some trading opportunities, but the clear one in USDJPY. Very similar to what we discussed last week article. As you can see in the chart, there is a long term relationship between USDJPY and Treasury Notes(bottom chart). Give the actual scenario its not hard to see the relationship line seeking previous highers, which can push USDJPY to 76 handle. Or we are going to bounce from here and UJ should seek 110 region again. We are in a turning point, which means stop loss is cheap here. Given the current developments, I would say that more lowers are to come. COT Data tells another story, as the move made by commercials is a strong indication that a reversal is in. But this positioning was taken before the weekend’s developments.

Let’s keep the open mind and I will inform you inside the room and in the dashboard the path we are taking. No Trading plan yet!



S&P 500 STOCK INDEX – UPtrend resumption

What I observed looking at past signals like this triggered for SP500 is they are usually earlier by 150 points. This gives us a buying point at  2650-2730 range, what is coincidental will market a 650 points drop, similar to previous ones we saw in the past. I will place long orders at that range, you will see this shortly posted by the bot inside the room and also on the dashboard.

Past signals

Trading Plan

The orders are already placed at 2730 region, and you already got the alert inside the room.


XPTUSD PLATINUM – Uptrend Resumption

Commercials reengaged in their short mode and are already net short. These guys are counter-trend traders and we can expect the price to go up from here. You will also see those big speculators made a massive cut on shorts.

Trading PLan

You already got the alert inside the room with the entry points and this is what I am expecting.

In light of recent developments with the oil price, I ask you, friends, an extra dose of precaution this week. No position is also a position. So let’s wait for the price to reach our levels. If scenario change I will let you all know.

This small article by investing can put light if you are lost on what is happening with the oil price war.

Best Regards.

Leo Hermoso



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