Forex Weekly Report 10-05-2020

Hello comrades! The last two weeks were simply amazing. May is already our best month. We continue to strike big boys in the place that hurt them the most, Their pockets! We keep roaring and delivering ‘Alpha’ to our community members and clients. The Trading Revolution has landed. Join us!

We continue to strike big boys in the place that hurt them the most, Their pockets!


RSI on top of commercials’ net positions has triggered a sell signal. Let’s do fast a fact check about this signal.

1 – Results Last Time This Signal Was Triggered

The pair dropped 1.03% in 7 days. More than enough for a really good trade!

2 – The Expected Commercial behavior

Since March 10, commercial players are selling EURNZD, but beginning in the week before this the behavior has changed. They are not buying and closing the short position. Trend changes usually when this group of players changes their bias. So now they see prices are attractive and will buy all the drops we are expecting.

3 – Below Point of Control

We are already trading below the point of control. This means that we will find less resistance from buyers, and as we just saw, commercials will buy it while it drops.

4 – Interest Rate Scenario

The Interest rates Forward Curve scenario is favorable to NZD until the end middle of 2021. New Zealand Economy suffered less from Coronahoax Coronavirus. We should expect a more relaxed interest rate from the European side.


1.76315-1.76055 is a previous supply zone detected by our automated supply/demand bot, and the price should find some buys there. We know that commercials are already in buy mode, so this makes non-commercials more aggressive, pretty sure we are going to see some accumulation at that point to get some passengers in the pain-train, and then beautifully break it down!

The effort to bring info and knowledge to our community members and clients don’t stop! Most of you are following me since the beginning of this journey. Day in and Day out striving and improving.

The call for the trading revolution is not a joke and it’s happening faster than I imagined. From now on I will post only one asset on the open analysis, the other calls will be available to the ones that believe and truly support the movement.

The trading revolution has landed. This is the opportunity to be part of something that will prove we are not gamblers, that yes, luck is our allied but we do not depend on it, part of something that is and will continue to beat the market.

We are the liquidity of the markets, join the movement.

Leo Hermoso



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