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When it falls against the dollar, bank shares also decline:This implies that EU banks should be a nice geared play on reflation. If we look at expectations for growth, it certainly looks as though the euro has further to drop. If the vaccination effort turns around, then the euro might find some reserves of strength. Entering this year, a weak dollar was an overwhelming consensus call. The same is true, although with a less tight relationship, of the euro.
Euro area wins on fiscal stimulus.


Oil is steady as traders wonder whether or not the talks could lead to added Iranian supply.

United States

They are buying based on short durations, emphasizing options for leverage, and are unfamiliar with the market’s ups and downs. However, global stocks continue to unsupportive of bulls, with the US and some Asian markets being listless. UBS found at the end of 2020, there were 115,000 shopping malls, compared with 112,000 in 2010 and 90,000 in 2000. UBS analyst Michael Lasser told clients this week that . UBS believes 21,000 closures from this industry will be by 2026.


ISM purchasing manager surveys show U.S. manufacturing roaring back, but the EU, on the same scale, is doing even better and Germany is doing better than that. The U.S. market has been leading EU stocks so far this year; is this now at last the time to go hunting for bargains in Europe? Meanwhile, the European Union expects most member states to have sufficient vaccine supplies to immunize the majority of people by the end of June. EU politicians have also been enthused to point out that many vaccines manufactured in Europe have been exported elsewhere.