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The latest U.S. trade deficit numbers show imports exceeding exports by the greatest dollar amount on record. Stock futures are positive and the dollar is steady.


less Stocks which are likely witness action today: Hindustan Copper, Muthoot Finance, Aimco Pesticides, Rajesh Exports, Wipro, AGC Networks and Tanla Platforms.


This has certainly offered respite to global equities,” he added.Meanwhile, the global oil benchmark Brent crude was trading 0.19 per cent lower at USD 63.04 per barrel.

United States

As high consumer price inflation emerged from 1965, with a lag behind asset inflation, the Fed did start to let rates rise, even abruptly at times. The Fed, as the monetary hegemon within the Bretton Woods System, should have allowed interest rates to rise sharply as would have occurred under a sound money regime. That laboratory lesson indeed applies to the US, and importantly to the origins of the greatest peacetime inflation, which started in the early to mid-1960s.
Meanwhile, the European Central Bank publishes an account of its March meeting, while Fed Chair Jerome Powell will be speaking during the International Monetary Fund’s spring meetings. Private industry leader, , has already announced its plans to go public (on the NASDAQ) this spring. The result of these NASDAQ listing requirements and atai’s own internal timetable for going public is that . If the Fed really is willing to wait until there are actual signs of a healing U.S. economy, Chen points out that this implies a significant delay.
However, some of the more obscure listing requirements, specifically the NASDAQ’s “seasoning rules”, block MindMed from uplisting until May of this year. In reality, though, the long-run inflation threat level is higher in Europe than in the US. Public industry leader, (CAN: MMED / US: MMEDF) has declared its intention to seek to uplist on the NASDAQ.


Brexit benefits across pond.