Open: London Session | Forex, Metals, Oil, Agriculture April 14, 2021



Mish on Coffee and Sugar Exchange less Yearly Redbook same store sales growth in the week of April 10th rose from 10.6% to 13.2%.


This is bad news for stocks, which ended the day lower, and the U.S. dollar which gave up earlier gains. It added 39 cents the pervious session to $63.67 a barrel.The dollar declined to 108.87 yen from Tuesday’s 109.09 yen. With a sharp increase in spending expected, the dollar’s decline may be limited. The euro rose to $1.1961 from the previous sessions’s $1.1946.


Brent crude, the international price standard, gained 43 cents to $64.10 per barrel in London. Market gains are capped on concerns about increased production in the United States, and OPEC+ set to increase supply from May. The core rate, excluding oil and food, is the one that matters most to the Fed, and where a true return to inflation psychology should show up. CPIThe headline rate can be largely disregarded, as it is predictably high due to moves in the oil price.
The price of gasoline jumped 9.1% in March accounting for nearly half of the seasonally adjusted increase in the CPI.

United States

The Nasdaq, which has more technology stocks, gained 1.1 per cent to 13,996.10.Apple rose 2.4 per cent and Microsoft gained 1 per cent. This index, compiled by the Cleveland Fed, actually suggests that core inflation is actively decreasing, and bang in line with the target of 2%:There is nothing untoward here. Nor is there an expectation for the kind of growth the equity market implies and the Fed and most forecasters are expecting. The Fed’s Beige Book report will also be released on Wednesday and optimism is widely anticipated.
However, Coinbase, which will be listed on the Nasdaq exchange as (COIN) has a deeper meaning than any other publicly-traded company.


Assuming a deal is reached on the latest draft, negotiations can begin with EU lawmakers to hopefully have final legal texts ready by early May. Electrifying transport is one of 20 flagship investments that Spain plans to make over the next three years using its portion of the EU package. EU governments are also seeking to hammer out an agreement on the technical specifications for so-called virus passports, an attempt to salvage the summer tourism season.
The legislation from the commission will be unveiled as soon as next week.Brexit Costs | Breaking free of Brussels bureaucracy was meant to bring a red-tape bonfire for Britain. Until there’s clarity on the pace of inoculations, the only ones who will have the luxury of arguing over holiday rules will be EU diplomats in Brussels. In the first 100 days of Brexit, the only thing many businesses burned was money.