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less The rupee slumped 17 paise to 75.22 against the US dollar in opening trade on Thursday following losses in domestic equity markets amid concerns over rising COVID-19 cases.

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Another reader, veteran of a different Wall Street bank, said: Our compliance group asked him 3 questions: 1. Who is your law firm (2 man shop)? As the fraud grew larger, and Madoff paid fees to more Wall Street firms, it became harder to stick to the principles. For some, he can be a convenient symbol of all they hate about Wall Street, which is understandable. For those on Wall Street, it was straightforward to say no to him, and many did.


The EU s top court gives non-binding opinions in separate challenges from local courts questioning the independence of judges in Poland and Hungary 9:30 a.m. The European Union is, however, still exporting more shots than it is administering, highlighting the risk of a backlash against the faltering inoculation push. But the EU still needs those J&J vaccines, and its drugs regulator will issue a recommendation next week. His comments add to the debate on how and when the ECB could withdraw stimulus as an economic rebound takes hold.
Vaccine Progress | All of these plans depend on inoculating the bulk of the EU population.