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The higher price of gold is correlated to the loss in purchasing power of the US dollar. The effects of that inflation, such as loss in purchasing power of the US dollar, are volatile and unpredictable. Gene comments on stock, bond, dollar, oil & gold markets, with a particular emphasis on monetary policy, technology issues and S&P intraday action. Equally important is that the loss in purchasing power of the US dollar is NOT quantifiably predictable.
Dollar consensus splinters. The euro rose 0.1per cent at $1.2105.


So, we have an ongoing increase in the gold price, yet the ratio of the gold price to the monetary base continues to decline. In fact, it is considered almost scriptural canon that a huge increase in the money supply will lead inevitably to a huge increase in the gold price. Expectations for a much higher gold price resulting from huge money creation by the Federal Reserve is shared universally by investors, analysts, and others. Or maybe, it is not the money supply growth which determines the gold price.
Maybe the gold price is reflective of something other than the supply of money. Since the gold price peaked in 1980, the ratio has declined starkly. In addition to gold, he writes articles about inflation, interest rates, and the Federal Reserve. Underlying the earnings strength is the rally in commodities that has pushed industrial metals prices from copper to aluminum to iron ore to the highest level in years.


Forecasts of a huge economic rebound are in question, and the crisis for the world s third-largest oil consumer has energy traders worried.

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The Capital Spectator has been quoted by a range of news organizations, including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and others. The US markets too on Friday ended with sharp gains.What’s in a name? His views have been quoted in Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, on CNN and now on his own web site. Three Trump nominees were never confirmed. Kelsey is the author of two books: INFLATION, WHAT IT IS, WHAT IT ISN’T, AND WHO’S RESPONSIBLE FOR IT and ALL HAIL THE FED!


But China is notorious both for environmental pollution (as any visitor to Beijing in winter can attest), and governance issues.


It took a few all-nighters to agree on the EU s collective goal of climate neutrality.