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The Asian countries, among the world s biggest importers of liquefied natural gas and seaborne coal, all share a peak heating demand season during the winter with Europe.

United States

But it may not be a smooth ride for investors given the ongoing tech crackdown, the threat of a delisting of firms in the US and geopolitical tensions. Beijing is in a stronger position than the last major cross-strait crisis in the mid-1990s, but it s also far from being able to push the US around. A gauge of that the 10-day moving average of bullish call options traded in the US has been in a clear downtrend since January. Europe s quest to stay warm, the state of the UK economy, payrolls data in the US and saber-rattling in the Taiwan Strait.
They parted company in 2013 (the year of the Taper Tantrum in the US) and widened significantly after the Brexit referendum in 2016. That s one of the top questions facing the US economy.


To the relief of mankind, President Xi Jinping hasn t pulled a page from Vladimir Putin s playbook and invaded Taiwan.


At the risk of reopening political wounds, this is probably because of Brexit, which has made it less attractive for foreign migrant workers to come to the country. Angry Europeans lower ECB s Google rating.