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The surge in corn prices since August, along with an expected increase in the number of planted acres next season, will support demand for LXU’s products going in 2021. Supplements like the company’s plant-based protein powders and freeze-dried fruit mixes are marketed as a healthy alternative to traditional sugar derived sports drinks. The creamers are made with plant-based ingredients like turmeric, cocoa, coconut, and mushrooms designed to add nutritional value and enhance the taste of beverages.
The coffee, tea, and hot chocolate products represented the strongest growth with sales up 267% y/y in the last quarter. These can work in conjunction with the company’s own line of organic Peruvian ground coffee which is touted for being ethically and sustainably sourced. (Source: Company IR) Currently, the coffee creamers represent about 70% of the business, with sales of $5.2 million in Q3, up 136% y/y. The stock of Greaves Cotton gained 9.8 per cent accompanied by above average volume on Friday, surpassing a key resistance at ₹80.


The rupee (INR) last week ended marginally higher at 74.04 versus its preceding week’s close of 74.14 against the dollar (USD). Moreover, the dollar index is showing that the dollar is trading weak. Coming Up Euro Stoxx 50 futures are rising, though less than S&P 500 futures and Asian equity benchmarks. Question is, will the momentum from a deal yesterday on overhauling the euro-area bailout fund finally help push this over the line?


However, the value of gold holding came down by $0.3 billion to $36 billion. Gold fell another half percent.


Listed Oil Services 25 Index, which offers exposure to companies involved in oil services to the upstream oil sector, including oil equipment, oil services or oil drilling. Ministers are discussing whether to increase production in January as planned or maintain the cuts that have helped create a rally in oil prices. Also, the contracts between LXU and its mining customers have a price covenant that ties the selling price with natural gas prices. All of the company’s products are produced from ammonia, which in turn is derived from natural gas at the company’s facilities.
As natural gas prices decreased during the quarter, so did the sales from the mining segment. American nitrogen-based chemical manufacturers have a competitive advantage over their peers abroad because of their access to low-cost shale natural gas. Additionally, the expectation that OPEC and its allies will delay an increase in production planned for January have also added to the strength.
OPEC+ ministers will now meet on Thursday rather than today, to allow time for further consultations. The other oil traders.

United States

The fertilizer industry rallied on Tuesday on the news that the U.S Department of Commerce imposed tariffs on phosphate fertilizer imports from Morocco and Russia. In comparison, the Iranian nuclear deal, from which the Trump administration unilaterally withdrew, allowed Iran to enrich uranium to a maximum of 3.67%. The Fed came through with a lifeline announcing it would buy an unlimited amount of mortgage-backed securities. He has been quoted in a variety of financial news publications, such as CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post.
Especially in the limbo of the Trump Biden transition.


A unanimous approval by all 27 EU governments is needed for allowing the bloc s executive arm to raise debt in capital markets to finance the package.Vaccine WaitU.S. If a compromise solution isn t miraculously found by tomorrow, the issue of the blocked EU budget will likely dominate the leaders summit next week. Banking Talks | EU finance ministers will today hold their monthly chat to check in on key areas of their joint work. The EU’s spending package goes to the wire, Britain decides on Covid tiers and Bitcoin soars to new heights.
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