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Coming Up Euro Stoxx 50 futures are pointing modestly lower after a mixed session in Asian markets.


In his writing and research, Sumner specializes in monetary policy, the role of the international gold market in the Great Depression, and the history of macroeconomic thought. Gold’s Gym filed for bankruptcy in May.


Peak Oil Is Suddenly Upon UsPeak Oil arrived years before it was expected, as the pandemic closed offices and borders, leaving people working from home. Many companies suffered immensely during the first nine months of 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe and caused untold damage that briefly even saw negative oil prices. **Whilst the oil and gas industry to which they service has high economic sensitivity, given the more stable nature of the midstream sub-industry, this was deemed to be average.
However, the oil giant has maintained current payments, and the company’s credit ratings still sits at a comfortable AA level, despite having been cut from AA+. The deal appeared to satisfy the oil market and most of the cartel s members, but strained the group s unity and set up testing times ahead. Image Source: Author *There are significant short and medium-term uncertainties for the broader oil and gas industry. A last-minute setback in post-Brexit trade talks, an OPEC+ deal and tightening screws on the EU’s rebels.

United States

Thus, investors are dumping treasuries, with U.S. long-term interest rates continuing to rise as the massive liquidity level made available by the Fed decreases appetite for safe assets. Of note, only the Dallas Fed population survey is consistent with a larger-than-expected gain—though we note it also correctly flagged the strength in last month’s report. Vaccines are expected to be released to certain segments of the US population prior to year-end 2020 and should be widely available in the second half of 2020 (CDC).
Also, during the recent senate testimony, Fed chairman Powell finds that the U.S. economy is in better shape than expected while still not out of the woods yet. He argued that the Trump campaign didn’t name a single voter among voluminous lists of ballots that were allegedly illegally cast. As the US population gets vaccinated, restaurants will presumably see their operations return to pre-pandemic levels. We make it right.” Kevin Hamilton, the attorney for the defendants, delivered a comprehensive point-by-point challenge to all of the Trump campaign’s claims.
A quick look at North America reveals finds that the US, Canada, and Mexico extended their shared border restrictions through 21 December. Image Source Chuy’s Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHUY) operates casual dining restaurants across 92 locations in the United States.


Australia, labeled “evil” by Chinese state media, is also being slammed, which analysts say is partly aimed at placating Beijing’s growing numbers of nationalists. China’s Getting CoolerFor decades, the Made in China label lagged behind foreign rivals in Beijing, which were seen as safer or simply more chic.


British officials briefed last night the EU had suddenly turned up with a new set of demands, sending the talks backward. But British officials said the European Union had suddenly turned up with a new set of demands, sending the talks backward. They didn t say what the demands were and EU officials denied they d put anything new on the table. They didn t say what the demands were and EU officials denied it. Ian Wishart and Alexander WeberWhat s HappeningSurreal Talks | Negotiations over next year’s EU budget may conclude today.
But that Dec. 31 post-Brexit transition period expiration is getting ever closer. That’s a headache for the U.K. as it grapples with Covid-19 and its pending exit from EU’s common market.