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Using the popular broad dollar index, it managed to rise to its highest level since 2002 by the end of September. The dollar s previously huge risk premium now looks far less stretched, also accompanied by a shift in speculative positioning to neutral. Between them, the presence of so many risks convinced investors around the globe to take shelter in the traditional haven of the dollar. He shows that, historically, the trough for the stock market has tended to come almost exactly at the dollar s peak.
But while investors continue to exhale with relief, we can expect the dollar to keep falling. The next question is will the dollar continue to fall? Both metrics have been important dollar bearish markers in the past, he said. The question remains: Has Wall Street really seen the dollar s top? Points of Return It s been a spectacular year for the US dollar. All these should have supported a reasonably strong dollar.


West Cumbria Mining plans to sell coal from the mine primarily to overseas buyers for making steel.


Learning Curve | On Monday, Group of Seven nations imposed a cap on the price of Russian oil.

United States

Association with weaker growth; outflow of capital from the US drags real and nominal economic growth. At the margin, that implies a further pickup in activity, and thus higher rates outside the US. Source: Deutsche Bank AG The broad outlook for the US has been the same for many months.


ECB President Christine Lagarde speaks.