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Hence, the dollar index is likely to resume the downtrend and a decline is positive for the Indian currency. Portuguese bonds rallied to send benchmark yields below 0% for the first time, a dramatic turnaround from the euro-area crisis a decade ago. Million-dollar Gretzky card.


Gold stock enthusiasts who bought metals and miners at my key $1788 buy zone for gold are looking very good. I have followed the ups and downs of a certain white metal since reading Harry Browne’s books in the 1970’s on life, living… and silver. In China and India, good news like the Corona vaccine is celebrated by the citizens with enthusiastic purchases of gold. In contrast, western investors tend to sell gold when there is good economic news. Product offerings consist of items such as residential garage doors, commercial sectional and rolling steel, which include shutters and service doors.
Additionally, there were several silver linings in this month’s report. It is unfortunate that a bit of a stone age mentality about gold exists in the west. It is at least quite funny that it s produced by Gold, Frankincense and Blur.


It transports massive amounts of crude oil and natural gas around the country – assets that continue to generate cash flow. (Energy Transfer Asset Portfolio – Energy Transfer Investor Presentation) It has an unparalleled asset portfolio for natural gas and crude oil. Crude Value Insights offers you an investing service and community focused on oil and natural gas. In a year when the oil and gas industry took a beating, it may be surprising to see Civeo fare so well.
This bypasses the entire ICE infrastructure of oil wells, pipelines, refineries, tanker trucks, and gas stations. In one of the single worst cases of container losses on record, , the vessel’s owner, Chidori Ship Holding, and manager, NYK Shipmanagement, said. Oil trading firm’s bribes.

United States

This has been a boon to many of the names in my portfolio like LGI Homes (NASDAQ:LGIH) which have shot up tremendously since the March meltdown lows. a legal sex worker in Nevada and quite possibly the highest-paid one in the US, is suing the state of Nevada to reopen its brothels, according to Yahoo Life. We’ve been using a 5.5% estimate for our “Y” discount rate, and we generally are 20-30% lower with our growth estimates than what Wall Street consensus may imply.
(Energy Transfer – Wall Street Journal) Energy Transfer has an impressive portfolio of assets that support the company’s cash flow. All you members of the GloboCap “Resistance” who have been hysterically shrieking that “Trump is Hitler!” since he won the nomination back in 2016. New technologies like Zoom (NASDAQ:ZM) enabled workforces to work more seamlessly from home. Or when they caught Trump calling somebody a “globalist”? You’ll probably get away with Hitlerizing Trump.
Or when Michael Kinsley in the Washington Post confirmed that “Donald Trump is actually a fascist”?


The quip highlights the unprecedented number of moving parts just hours before EU leaders gather for the most important meeting of the year. OK, we ve said this before, but it has now become painfully clear that negotiations for a post-Brexit deal have gone as far as they could possibly go. Back in this region, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dinner with Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday as both sides seek to save Brexit trade negotiations. In Case You Missed ItBritish Tariffs | Britain will set its own tariff policy when it completes its split from the EU at year-end.
(the “Alliance of Authoritarian and Reactionary States”), dissolved the European Union and NATO, declared international martial law, and ethnically cleansed the world of immigrants? 9 a.m. German Chancellor Angela Merkel makes statement to Bundestag during the 2021 budget debate 9:30 a.m.