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Many technologists, like Scott Amyx, have previously argued that quantum computing could be as disruptive to the world economy as the cotton gin or automobile were.


Stimulus Boost | The European Central Bank is poised to deliver another blast of monetary stimulus to carry the euro area out of the pandemic crisis. As rupee faced a significant resistance at 73.50, it was not able to move above that level last session, against the dollar (USD). The base effects from this spring s crash in oil prices should ensure that headline inflation starts to rise:Then there is the matter of the dollar. Gross profit on a dollar basis fell 6%, which was slightly less than the revenue decline.
Against the rest of the G10 currencies, the euro spiked during the Covid shock, and is now sliding:Lagarde also has a tricky political task on her hands. The pound is down 7% against the euro this year, already a sizeable move.


Nick also discusses how adding gold to a portfolio will stabilize the volatility while also increasing returns. In his writing and research, Sumner specializes in monetary policy, the role of the international gold market in the Great Depression, and the history of macroeconomic thought. Robert and Nick speak on the manipulation in the futures markets and how this affects the current gold price. Gold has served its role in absorbing the 9-10% inflation rates that economists such as John Williams of Shadowstats has been reporting.
But the vast majority of pension and hedge funds haven’t begun to invest in gold yet. Gold is the ultimate portfolio insurance during economic recession and deflations. Despite that manipulation, gold has been averaging 10% returns over 20 years. The bulls were stopped by the resistance at ₹1,235 and so the rally in the December futures contract of nickel on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) stalled last week.


Even if the bears are correct and the oil industry is in terminal decline, it looks as though oil stocks are already priced attractively enough to compensate for this. However, while real oil prices have continued to recover, continued gains in U.S. stocks have kept the Energy sector’s share of the market far below fair value. Valuations remain cheap relative the broader market, and oil price gains continue to provide fundamental support. Historically there has been a close relationship between the inflation-adjusted oil price and the relative share of the energy sector.
WTI breaking into a higher range Source: Bloomberg We could see strength beget further strength in the index given the widespread bearishness towards the sector among the investment community. XOM: Potential double bottom Source: Bloomberg WTI crude oil, meanwhile, remains on the front foot. For the post-GFC decade, oil prices have generally trended down. At any one point, gasoline prices have tended to be lower than they were a year earlier, neatly helping to reduce headline inflation.
This means that Exxon would have to see its dividends fall by over 5% annually in real terms in order to underperform its non-oil peers. 4, the Energy Information Administration said, compared with analysts’ expectations in a Reuters poll for a 1.4 million -barrel drop.

United States

Whilst this description may seem rather convoluted, the concept was believed by Wall Street and much of the US government in the 1930s as the way of the future. Today, Wall Street continues to use Zacks research including the Zacks Rank and Zacks Equity Research, which combines the best of quantitative and qualitative analysis. Yet, the rest of the government never fully embraced Trump’s robust space program. Instead, those impressive gains would gone to the USSR … and the inevitable implosion of the Soviet Union might have not happened.
On top of all this, the Fed is now in the business of telling everyone that it wants inflation to get above 2% and stay there. Moreover, the US market closed with a loss yesterday, setting a bearish tone. President Trump was the only American leader in decades who seemed to understand the promises and challenges of space. Unheard of in the days when all Wall Street could say was “Buy”. That s why the Fed s overshooting objective is risky.


Xi Jinping and China’s leaders laugh and march on.


With new lockdowns hammering the economy, vaccines only just arriving and knife-edge Brexit talks, it’s set to add 500 billion euros to its emergency bond purchases. ECB vs CovidThursday will see a dose of preordained excitement as the European Central Bank holds its last scheduled monetary policy meeting for the year. There has been great excitement this year over the EU Recovery Fund, in which leaders agreed after a marathon summit to borrow together to raise funds for Covid relief.
The summit comes after Poland and Hungary agreed on a budget compromise with Germany, and as Brexit talks are set to continue until Sunday.
Having been bludgeoned over the head by Brexit for four years now, any degree of “closure” could well lead to catharsis, not panic. This is TS Lombard s handy graphic summary: The ECB is likely to opt for something at the lower end of this range of possibilities. Much of the new EU budget is earmarked to finance the transition to a low-carbon economy. President Emmanuel Macron has favored a reopening in January to reduce the risk of a new coronavirus resurgence.
The pound, meanwhile, fell as large gaps remain in the Brexit discussions.