Open: London Session | Forex, Metals, Oil, Agriculture December 29, 2020



Dollar index The US Dollar currency index, commonly known as the Dollar index started the session on weak note, opening at 90.20 against the previous close of 90.33 levels. Just as, say, four quarters are the equivalent of a dollar bill, so one dollar in digital currency will be the equivalent of one dollar in physical cash. Trade strategy The rupee has started the session on front foot and is likely to appreciate backed by weakness in the dollar index.
The rupee had appreciated to 73.3 against the dollar and the day’s range is 73.49 and 73.30.


They don’t seem to realize that the demand for bitcoin—as the demand for gold—is demand for something outside the control of central banks and governments. Other sectors such as commodities like gold/oil, or alternative assets such as REITs/MLP’s, were becoming more popular.


The Senate still needs to vote on the measure.Forecasts for tightening US crude oil stocks also added support to prices.U.S.

United States

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