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less The rupee (INR) settled last session with a gain of 12 paise, that is, it closed at 73.30 versus preceding day’s close of 73.42 against the dollar (USD). Though INR looks bullish, it has a critical resistance at 73 and the dollar index is hovering just above a support level.


The January futures contract of nickel on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) has been on an uptrend since early October.


Nonetheless, global crude oil markets have lost about a fifth of their value in 2020 as strict coronavirus lockdowns dampened fuel demand and paralysed much of the global economy. January CFR naphtha-Brent cracks were $0.84 higher at $2.34/bbl; 1Q ’21 traded $0.90 higher at $1.89/bbl while the 1H Cal ’21 advanced $0.94 at $1.33/bbl. January 92 RON-Brent cracks were $0.56 higher at $3.59/bbl; 1Q ’21 traded $0.63 higher at $3.81/bbl while the 1H Cal ’21 advanced $0.69 at $3.98/bbl.
March ICE Brent futures were $0.17 higher at $51.57/bbl, while the rest of the 48-month forward contracts traded between -$0.29 and $0.17. Crude inventories fell by 6.1 million barrels in the latest week to 493.5 million barrels, according to EIA data. Front month March WTI futures were up $0.03 at $48.34/bbl, with the other 49-month forward contracts traded between -$0.39 and $0.03. This is similar to Venezuela setting the price of gasoline at 10 cents a gallon. The January 92 RON Gasoline contracts rose $0.65 at $55.21/bbl; 1Q ’21 was up $0.63 at $55.39/bbl and the 1H Cal ’21 contract increased $0.58 at $55.39/bbl.
The 1Q 2021 Brent/Dubai rose $0.04 at $0.57/bbl as the Cal ’21 contract declined $0.03 at $0.80/bbl.

United States

For example, mortgage loan rates are generally tied to interest rates on 10-year US Treasuries that the Fed does manipulate. The Fed does not set bank loan rates directly, but it does influence them. These are all good reasons to end the Fed and let the market set rates. Since the bottom in 2009 a legion of talking heads, pundits, the Wizards of Wall Street have been warning us about these submerged killers. He has been quoted in a variety of financial news publications, such as CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post.
Over this time frame, the US population has grown by 16.5%.