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The EU, meanwhile, is due to unveil its plan to strengthen the international role of the euro. Bond Overload | After a blockbuster start to the year for euro-area bond sales, a barrage of EU debt risks cannibalizing future demand for its member countries. The pound is sitting solidly mid-table among its G-10 peers over the past three months, up about 5% against the dollar.


In his writing and research, Sumner specializes in monetary policy, the role of the international gold market in the Great Depression, and the history of macroeconomic thought.


The pandemic forced them to go back to the old and rather crude playbook of growth based on building real estate a policy that raises concerns about over-extended credit. U.S. crude fell 0.1% to $52.29 a barrel, while Brent crude futures rose 0.48% to $55.02 a barrel.

United States

The new administration appears to be staffing regulatory agencies with people who will try to get a lot tougher on Wall Street and the financial services industry again. Mind you, money is still being printed and the interest rates set by the Fed remain at zero. In contrast, the US reports quarterly growth rates over the previous quarter, which are then annualized by multiplying by roughly 4. This time around, the government gave money to average Americans to spend while the Fed printed immense amounts of cash.
Meanwhile, with Trump set to skip Joe Biden’s inauguration tomorrow, his supporters have been invited to a separate event outside of Washington. Despite speculation, officials don t expect Trump to give himself, nor those closest to him, preemptive pardons, Bloomberg reports. It’s one of the three great economies of the world (along with the US and the eurozone.) Trump’s goodbye, Italy confidence vote, Janet Yellen hearing. Here s what s moving markets.Trump’s FarewellIt’s U.S. President Donald Trump’s last full day in the job.
But the Chinese figures give me a bit of hope for the US and Europe.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel and state leaders appear likely to extend and tighten lockdown measures, while the U.K. may begin to relax restrictions in the first half of March. That still leaves Romania s rate higher than any other in the EU.Today s AgendaAll times CET.