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ANALYSIS-Want to make profits from coffee in China? Pakistan’s government permitted private sector wheat imports in June to cool domestic wheat and flour prices. MARKET NEWS Chicago soybeans futures bounced back, rising for six out of seven sessions while corn gained ground on strong Chinese demand.


The pact enhances the appeal of the shared currency and euro-denominated assets, raising questions about the supremacy of the U.S. dollar. For example, emerging Asian shares — which traditionally strengthen when the dollar weakens — were little changed Wednesday. “This is positive for the euro, positive for risk assets, and this should take us into continued bullishness,” he said. If it stays in its current trading range, it seems equity investors in the region will have to look beyond the dollar for a fresh bullish catalyst. Gene comments on stock, bond, dollar, oil & gold markets, with a particular emphasis on monetary policy, technology issues and S&P intraday action. EU package boosts borrowing prospects, weakens appeal of dollar. Currently, 11 U.S. states have approved cannabis for recreational use and 33 states have approved it for medical purposes, resulting in a multi-billion-dollar economy centered around cannabis.


Gold miner Fresnillo Plc and copper miner Antofagasta Plc, both outperformers during the virus crisis, will release production figures. She’s flipped from wanting to reimpose the gold standard to being a monetary dove in line with Trump’s wishes. Some of the stocks that will likely see some action Results in focus: L&T, Bajaj Auto, Jindal Steel, TTK HealthcareAnother big day of quarterly results announcements. S&P/ASX 200 Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Day Trading Plus Technical Analysis Elliott Wave BHP FMG RIO IRON ORE ASX200 Technical Analysis: Impulse Pattern.


As an energy exporter, Russia also greatly suffered in the last few months from the historically low prices for oil and natural gas. Meanwhile, international oil benchmark Brent crude futures fell 0.43 per cent to $44.13 per barrel. Brent futures slipped 0.5 per cent to $44.12 per barrel and US crude fell 0.5 per cent to $41.70 a barrel. Eni is looking to sell assets in Norway and the Republic of Congo as oil’s slump prompts companies across the industry to rein in spending, people familiar said.

United States

Donald Trump rebooted his coronavirus briefings with a warning that the situation will probably “get worse before it gets better,” encouraging Americans to wear masks. Trump warns pandemic to get worse, asks people to wear masks. `Get Worse’ U.S. President Donald Trump was notably more reserved on the outlook for the coronavirus as he resumed giving press conferences on the outbreak. That compares with 1.3 per cent in the US, meaning that an African infected with Covid-19 is between twice and six times more likely to survive than an American. Florida, the state that currently has the highest number of daily new cases per capita in the US, has taken only the limited step of closing bars so far. It will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better, Trump said as he told Americans to wear a mask whether they like it or not. Despite having far fewer public health resources, when facing down the coronavirus, Africa has one huge advantage over the US: the age of its population.


Xi Jinping, meanwhile, called on companies to step up innovation and help stabilize employment, telling a symposium that China will “stand on the correct side of history.” The U.S. also claimed hackers working for Beijing are trying to steal research on the coronavirus. Mike Pompeo praised Britain’s tougher stance on China after talks with Dominic Raab, saying he wants to build a “coalition” that understands the “threat” posed by Beijing. Beijing may offload about 10 million tonnes of rice in the first batch of sales, according to one of the sources who was briefed on the plan.


Failed to Investigate The U.K. government failed to investigate whether Russia interfered in the Brexit referendum and actively avoided looking into it, according to a long-anticipated parliamentary inquiry. If their efforts fail, he predicts that the EU will have a permanent sense of low growth and secular stagnation unless they solve the problem. He also said he is skeptical because EU members are still distinct countries with distinct identities, languages, and cultures – and not all of their interests overlap. Brexit deal pessimism.