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3 wheat exporter. MARKET NEWS Chicago soybean futures lost more ground to trade near a two-week low, weighed down by expectations of a bumper U.S. harvest this autumn. GASC said the purchase was comprised of 350,000 tonnes of Russian wheat and 120,000 tonnes of Ukraine wheat.



The dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency is under threat, Goldman warned. That’s because the US dollar has hugely lost value against gold, which at one point was trading at $1935 per ounce. less The Indian rupee gained six paise to trade at 74.78 against the American dollar in early deals on Wednesday tracking weakness in the greenback. Kennedy clarified that the state government at the time had offered people to either be vaccinated or pay a five dollar fine. Elsewhere, gold slipped, as did an index tracking the dollar, with Goldman Sachs warning that the currency’s world reserve status is at risk. It opened at 74.83 against the US dollar gained further ground and touched 74.78 against the US dollar, up six paise over its last close of 74.84. Gene comments on stock, bond, dollar, oil & gold markets, with a particular emphasis on monetary policy, technology issues and S&P intraday action.



Source: U.S. Gold website As we move forward, and gold prices continue to rise, this adds resources and reserves to the company’s estimates. This created a “spinning top” candlestick for both gold and silver, where the closing price was near the open price and with significantly higher and lower intraday prices. Source: U.S. Gold website In 2020, U.S. Gold updated its economic analysis of the project to adjust for increased gold prices. That covers Colorado & Wyoming in this review of the United States gold mines and gold prospects. Source: U.S. Gold Investor Presentation The project has measured and indicated resources of 272 thousand and 654 thousand ounces of gold. Of the above gold prospects, the U.S. Gold Corp. Copper King project looks the most investable. This means double the annual production of gold to 80,000 ounces of gold and 20 million pounds of copper.



The Turkish gas and oil exploration drama in the East Mediterranean which put Greece and Cyprus on a war footing with Turkish forces has taken a surprise turn. Bank officials said the lender has also benefited from limited exposure to some troubled global sectors like cruise lines and tour operators, and smaller hotels, retail and oil-and-gas companies. The maritime tracking analysis site Tanker Trackers showed that Iran cleared its shipping lanes to make way for the military drills. The snapshot below gives us a crude comparison of the US homeownership rate compared to some select other countries.

United States


This time the market’s response might be different than last time, and aside the Fed meeting comments (which hold back the market), for now the bill is more pertinent. likely through: BofA discusses the potential for a Fed UST twist and likely market reaction below: ? “Ahead of the US Federal Reserve’s policy today, the central bank has extended its emergency lending programs by three months to the end of 2020. That said, not even BofA expects the Fed to commit to such a policy at this meeting, but likely start the stage-setting process this week. The Fed could also remove more 10Y duration equivalent risk from the market while maintaining the current monthly purchase pace or lowering it to $65bn/m. Fed twist would likely result in (1) 30Y UST rally and curve bull flattening, likely on par with 2011, and (2) spread curve steepening. According to BofA STIR strategists, the US rates market expects no new policy action to be taken at the July FOMC meeting.



Amid the ratcheting pressure on Ankara over alleged incursions into Greece and Cyprus’ economic zones coming from the European Union and United States, it appears .