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Lyubov Pronina and Kevin Whitelaw What s Happening Close Friend | The EU reached an agreement with Norway to source more natural gas from the Nordic nation.

United States

After the Fed obliged with a very hawkish statement on June 15, rates hit a peak, and then tumbled.


In the latest move criticized on Chinese social media, Beijing mandated kids older than three show a negative test result to enter parks. Beijing residents may have been able to escape a lockdown, but the local economy performed like it was in one. At the heart of Beijing s ambitions is the impetus to wean itself off a geopolitical rival and more than $430 billion worth of imported chipsets in 2021. Concern for tennis star Peng Shuai prompted the United Nations Human Rights Office and the White House to issue statements demanding Beijing clarify her whereabouts before the event.
Beijing s tightening grip has undermined Hong Kong s future as an international financial center. Recent outbreaks in Beijing and Inner Mongolia look to have been brought under control.


Since the shock vote to split with the EU in June 2016, initial public offerings have been losing steam in the UK.