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The International Energy Agency’s monthly oil market report is due, as is inflation data for the euro-area and the latest decision from the Brazilian central bank.


Another reader pointed out that I tried some crude mathematics on this for the 10th anniversary of the Inc. IPO, for my old employers at the Financial Times.

United States

We can expect FII selling to calm down post the Fed policy meet and ease in US bond yield, as an accommodative outlook is expected. Today, Wall Street continues to use Zacks research including the Zacks Rank and Zacks Equity Research, which combines the best of quantitative and qualitative analysis. Unheard of in the days when all Wall Street could say was “Buy”.


The EU is also seen as hoarding a vaccine it doesn t use, depriving poorer nations that need it desperately. Crucially, such passes will be acceptable for vaccines that haven t been approved by the EMA and may pave the way for tourism from outside the EU.