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The dollar continues to be weak despite a recovery last Friday and this is helping the domestic currency to maintain a positive bias. Supporting this, the dollar index seems to stay below the key resistance at 91.40.


In his writing and research, Sumner specializes in monetary policy, the role of the international gold market in the Great Depression, and the history of macroeconomic thought. Investors are jittery, watching on as commodities like lumber and copper surge, alongside multiplying supply shortages.


Inflation in palm oil price has been alarming (40-50 per cent y-o-y); however, HUL has taken 7-8 per cent price hike to offset the same.

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By that logic economic growth also does not affect interest rates, because interest rates are set by the Fed. There is a liquidity effect of what the Fed is doing, and the liquidity effect can be very powerful over the short term. : There are folks who want to make the Fed’s liabilities legal tender. : When the Fed initiated QE1, QE2 and QE3, folks said those policies were very inflationary. Overnight US stocks ended on a mixed tone, with Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 600 gaining but the tech-focused Nasdaq closing in the red.
Earlier today I posted a Q&A what if on QE: What Would Happen to Inflation If the Fed Announced $40 Trillion a Month in QE?


The EU s top court will give a non-binding opinion in the EU s lawsuit against the Polish government s controversial disciplinary regime for judges 9:30 a.m. The EU s top court rules in a challenge by Bayer against EU decisions banning insecticides blamed for killing the bees 9:30 a.m. It wants to avoid a patchwork of policies on the development and deployment of such therapeutics across the EU. Union Questioned | The U.K. is fraying as the country struggles to find its post-Brexit identity.