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Russia has continued to ship its wheat at the now-higher price, finding willing buyers and raking in more revenues per ton. It is also expecting a bumper wheat crop in the next season.


What s Happening Fossil Fuels | Germany plans to reactivate coal and oil power plants if Putin decides to cut off gas exports to the country.

United States

Closer to Default Russia will get pushed closer to a potential default after the US Treasury Department said it s letting a key sanctions waiver benefitting American investors expire. Survival Tips I find it increasingly hard to contain my anger over gun crime in the US. Wall Street s Top Tech Mogul: Paul J. Davies Like getting this newsletter?


While the Commission chief proposes using EU ports to ship out the grain, other leaders have more direct suggestions. I don t think that we re in a situation of surging demand at the moment, Lagarde said in an interview in Davos. The ECB publishes its Financial Stability Review and the FOMC releases meeting minutes. Austrian National Bank Governor and ECB Governing Council member Robert Holzmann speaks at the Central & Eastern European Forum in Vienna.