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The Canadian dollar fell 0.65 per cent to C$1.3218 per US unit. Meanwhile, the dollar index, which gauges the greenback’s strength against a basket of six currencies, rose 0.32 per cent to 93.85. Jeffrey Epstein’s houses: What happened to his multimillion dollar real estate?


European futures are fluctuating, while away from equities, gold fell and oil pared gains as tight races in battleground states shook initial faith in a decisive outcome.


Brent crude futures, the global oil benchmark, rose 2.14 per cent to $40.56 per barrel. It said that an individual consumes about 1 litre oil per month on a rough basis. SEA, which made a presentation to the Ministry, said that edible oil inflation has been kept bottled for almost two decades with disastrous results on oilseed cultivation. US crude futures settled up 85 cents at $37.66 a barrel.

United States

A final outcome could take days or weeks.Trump holds a narrow early lead in North Carolina, while Biden is ahead in early returns in Arizona. Biden appears to have taken Arizona, and Trump looks unlikely to win any of the states that went to Clinton four years ago. Although polls indicate a Biden victory, an Electoral College win for Trump can’t be ruled out. Biden has been leading strongly in the polls until recently, and now it’s possible Trump could snatch a victory from the impending jaws of defeat.
The mathematics behind Senate control were that the Democrats needed to win three states, if Biden took the presidency, and four if Trump prevailed. The Fed, by providing more money to the financial markets, can generate a flow of funds that accelerates these companies going public. But in pumping so much money into the markets, the Fed has created distortions that we may have to live with for some time. Whether victory goes to Trump or Biden, the markets are bound to react.
We see how other areas of the financial market can also result in distortions from the Fed’s efforts. If Biden does hang on to win, it will be because Covid-19 has weakened Trump s hold on the white working class in the Rust Belt.


President Obama’s view sounds smart but was deeply mistaken because, among other things, it failed to take into account the fact that Beijing was already weaponizing the high ground.


10:30 a.m. EU finance ministers hold video conference, to discuss preventing money laundering and terrorism financing, and non-performing loansLike the Brussels Edition?Don t keep it to yourself. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will hope to push fresh coronavirus lockdown rules through parliament later, facing down rebels in his own Conservative Party who reject the measures. If Biden emerges victorious, however, the EU can legitimately hope that the new president will swiftly move to rebuild the frayed transatlantic alliance.
I disagreed strongly with Farage over Brexit.