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The Egyptian pound is down around 50% against the dollar this year, for example.Another idea is to allow for sovereign debt tied to climate goals. Buoyed by returning risk appetite (which, notably, was unaffected by the chastening of Bankman-Fried), the dollar is showing signs of weakening at last. A strong dollar has exacerbated the difficulty for developing countries in making their debt repayments. But this year, the strong dollar has turned that orthodoxy on its head.
But the key is the dollar.


Corporate goals $12 billion This is how much a buyers club, including Pepsi and Apple, has committed to purchasing near-zero-carbon steel, aluminum and other products.


World races to secure gulf oil for 2023 as Russia risk looms.

United States

Coming Up European stock futures edged lower as investors eye midterm elections results, with focus on the prospects for gridlock in the US government. Survival Tips I can t offer you the US election results, but I can share the results of my request for recommendations for binge-viewing from yesterday. In their third-quarter results, the key determinant of companies performance was their exposure to the world outside the US. Points of Return Regular readers of Points of Return will be aware that the US headed to the polls on Tuesday.
Unfriendly US | French President Emmanuel Macron said the US Inflation Reduction Act likely does not comply with WTO rules and is not friendly. ECB s Frank Elderson participates in a panel, while Fed officials John Williams and Tom Barkin speak at separate events.


Lawmaker Sophie in t Veld said citizens can safely assume that all EU member states have purchased one or more commercial spyware products. The 10 EU nations with the highest headline inflation rates are now all in the east, led by the three Baltic states, followed by Hungary. Tax Overturned | Fiat won its challenge at the EU s top court to topple a 30 million tax bill. The latter is on course to overtake them with its weak currency and an annual advance of 38% in food costs, more than double the EU average.
The two made a major breakthrough after the EU began testing the UK s live database tracking goods between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland, we re told. Ellen Milligan and Jillian Deutsch What’s Happening Gas Cap | The EU is even more divided on how to contain an energy crisis. The UK and EU still disagree over a number of issues including the governance of Northern Ireland. The EU Court of Justice wrote that the commission s analysis was erroneous.