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They point to changing consumer behaviors that have been observed around a “Sugar Tax” to limit the consumption of junk foods.


Dollar indexThe dollar index, after registering an intraday low of 92.13 on last session, recovered and closed with a gain at 92.72. Gold futures (orange line) hit YTD highs in August, while the US dollar index (red line) moved in the opposite direction from about June through Friday’s market close. The U.S. dollar (UUP) has declined in value recently, which increases this risk. Protests erupted in the Armenia, with angry crowds entering the country’s parliament.Coming Up Euro Stoxx 50 futures are lower, suggesting yesterday’s rally will be pared at the open.
We believe Swedish long-end break-even inflation is too rich relative Euro break-evens and that the real yield curve have potential to steepen. Then there’s speculation about rising inflation and dollar-destructive deficit spending, both of which should be constructive for gold and miners.


: What’s good for gold is usually good for miners and what’s good for the miners usually matriculates down to their small-cap brethren. In the commodities complex, gold is one of this year’s big stories, one that’s, of course, trickling down to exchange-traded funds. : Historically, gold performs modestly when a Democrat is in the White House, the scenario investors will be seeing in the new year. That’s why we published a new, 50-page long Ultimate Guide on Gold & Silver that you can download here.
“Most believe gold and silver can perform with this market backdrop. Additionally, miners aren’t just benefiting from higher gold prices. Australia’s major commodity exports (iron ore and coal) are enjoying rising prices again at present. For example, the GLD, the world’s largest gold-backed ETF, is up 28.19% year-to-date.

United States

The index measures the US’s leading stocks’ performance by dividend yield and consists of 100 stocks with strong five-year records of paying dividends. Even for the stodgy Dow index, the stock market performance, let alone the more dynamic NASDAQ, is light years away from the flat Australian performance. – Warren Buffett The iShares Select Dividend ETF (NASDAQ:DVY) invests in stocks of companies operating across diversified sectors and diversified market capitalizations.
While the technical definition of recession may be behind us, the US economy remains in a deep hole. It is worth revisiting this recently IPOed company given the revival of interest in tech stocks, as Nasdaq appears poised to exceed its record high. Others blame the Fed intervention for the outsized valuations of shares, particularly in growth and momentum stocks. When the Fed is eventually called upon to act more, Harrison thinks we may see more qualitative easing (ie.
If Trump loses, it clearly discredits the notion embraced by the losers of every election: wait til next time. Although the hour is late, any significant fraction of Trump’s rightfully enraged 71 million voters could still put the plan into effect. If Biden is declared the winner, Covid-19 restrictions are no longer necessary to hamstring the economy, discredit Trump, and justify mail-in voting fraud.


EU trade chief Valdis Dombrovskis on Monday said the bloc would drop its duties if the U.S. removes levies it imposed in 2019 on $7.5 billion of EU products. The EU s top court rules in a challenge by the Commission against Italy over its failure to comply with clean-air rules 9:30 a.m. Macron s Fight | The effort is part of Emmanuel Macron s push to halt the import of more conservative interpretations of Islam to Europe.