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Gene comments on stock, bond, dollar, oil & gold markets, with a particular emphasis on monetary policy, technology issues and S&P intraday action. Gross profit on a dollar basis was $1.1 billion, down 34% Y/Y.


* In London, nickel rose 1.6% to $16,150 a tonne, zinc jumped 1.8% to $2,676.50, while lead gained 1.1% to $1,914 and tin advanced 1.3% to $18,630. * Chile’s Candelaria copper mine offered an improved contract deal to one of two unions on strike at the deposit in a bid to re-start production. * In Shanghai, nickel climbed 1.4% by noon break, zinc added 1.5%, lead gained 0.2% and tin advanced 1.3%. However, that curse had a silver lining.

United States

The poll also reveals that a majority of voters (53%) thought that President Trump would win vs. Biden (47%), according to Economist data journalist, G. Elliott Morris. They would certainly be well placed to execute a Trump order to declassify and release R-gate-related documents that have been Waiting for Godot. That may sound like ancient history, but for Trump it remains ground zero — the moment when his political problems began.” Protecting “sources and methods” is a red herring.
When Trump challenged intel officials on their Russia claims in January 2017, Chuck Schumer warned that the national security state could easily retaliate against the elected president. But release won’t happen if Trump continues to just whine to Fox News, or he “authorizes” release without follow-up (he’s already done that — to no effect). The vast majority of Trump voters think that Joe Biden’s predicted election win was , and that we’ll never know the true outcome.
Trump and his allies want the information public because they believe it would rebut claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin supported Trump in 2016. What Brennan seems to fear is that it might dawn on Trump that he lost the election and has little time left to act. Perhaps the difference lies in the distinction between YouGov’s sampling of “Trump voters” vs. “Republicans” – which would ostensibly include so-called ‘never-Trumpers.’ With their application in commercially and militarily sensitive technologies, computer chips have emerged as the new battlefield for the war between China and the US over technological supremacy globally.


Here s what s moving markets.Brexit DragsSurprise, surprise, Brexit talks could drag on further amid a struggle to reach a trade deal. The EU s antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager, is in quarantine.